Supermoon alert! How to ride the tide of the full moon on August 29, 2015

Supermoon spreadInsomniacs beware: the next full moon is coming up at the end of the month and it might leave you feeling more restless than usual.

But don’t despair. Whenever I feel a little more manic than usual when the full moon is approaching, I try to use it to my advantage. Tap into the extra creative boost you might get. Stay up a bit later to work on a project, or finish reading a book. Let yourself stay up a little later while catching up with friends. Ride the tide rather than fight against it.

That way, you will be working within nature’s flow, and when we willingly respond to the ebbs and flows we are given, we can start to become even more receptive to bursts of inspiration, ideas, intuitive hits, and connections to those around us. Pay attention to what you hear, what you notice, what pulls at you.

All of these little moments can add up to our next big realizations, the growth in our identities, and our understandings of the people who are in our lives – including the people we choose to work with, live next door to, and keep on our peripheries.

Venus is in retrograde until September 6, continuing to help us examine our relationships and our personal values. The upcoming full moon will continue with the theme of illusion, which has been a strong message throughout the summer.

How are you fooling yourself? What are you willingly overlooking in other people’s behaviour? Maybe you have put up with a toxic work situation for too long. Maybe you have waited too long for a love interest to come around when you know that you deserve someone who is all in, all the time.

And maybe there are things about yourself that you have been pushing away for too long: a tendency to procrastinate, perhaps, or a habit of pushing people away when they get too close, or a lifestyle that is keeping you feeling tired, unhealthy, and rundown. This next full moon asks us to look under the surface – especially when we know we are ignoring the full picture.

What do you need to stop doing?  What is it time to finally face up to?

Sure, this can be scary. There is a reason why we hold onto denial. But ask yourself: what might happen when you finally examine what you have been trying to ignore?

What would your life feel like if you could finally be honest with yourself and find a way to move forward from there? Would you feel lighter? Relieved? Liberated?

What might enter into that space that you have just created by letting go of an illusion? And how are your illusions serving you, anyway? What are they doing for you?

More often than not, illusions take a lot of time, energy, and emotion to maintain. Imagine what you could be doing with that energy if you no longer had to put it into the daily task of putting up with something less than stellar.

Don’t be afraid of what you’ve been hiding from. We grow through examination. We grow through courage. And we grow through the humility of admitting when things are not really all they seem.

If you have your own tarot deck and want to do a reading for yourself in line with the full moon, here is a small spread you might want to try:

Card #1: What needs to be brought to the surface?
Card #2: What do I need to accept about myself?
Card #3: What lesson do I need to learn as a result?
Card #4: What will this lesson lead me to?

And remember, if you are looking for some guidance, I am always here to help. Learn more about what I offer through my tarot readings, and how you can make an appointment.

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