A care package for Venus retrograde (and a little birthday sale)


Aubrey Beardsley

I’ve noticed such a profound shift in energy since Venus retrograde started March 4.

So many clients and friends I’ve connected with have been working through some major questions about their love lives, creative abilities, and self-worth.

Venus is in Aries right now, where she isn’t entirely comfortable. But I don’t think discomfort is necessarily a bad thing. Major breakthroughs happen when we allow ourselves to face up to the facts of where we’re at right now.

Venus retrograde continues until April 15. In the meantime, I put together a little care package for you that brings together some workshops, reading for the weekend, and more:

Upcoming creativity + tarot workshops (part of my birthday sale)

For tarot people… My birthday is coming up in April. To celebrate, I’m offering my super in-depth Learn the Court Cards workshop for just $35. I’m offering this online, so you can join from anywhere in the world. The courts are some of the hardest tarot cards to learn, but I can show you how to love them. Register here.

For creative souls… Venus retrograde can bring up creative blocks and insecurities. But this can also be an amazing time to go deep and tap into some new, raw inspiration. If you’re stuck in a creative rut, and you’re in Toronto, why don’t you come out to Likely General this Sunday evening? I’m running a workshop called Find Your Creative Flow and it’s exactly what it sounds like. Register here.

If you’re seeking raw, honest connection…

The one person I am always writing for… I recently shared one of my most open, vulnerable posts, as I process some of this Venus retrograde energy myself. This is a heavy one, but it shares a lot of truths that I think many can relate to. Read it here. (Content note: Abuse, sexual assault, body image.)

This is not the time to turn against each other… Some thoughts on empathy, compassion, and the global volatility we continue to move through. Read it here.

If you’re questioning your career path and purpose…

“Should I quit my job?” Or, how to trust the timing of your life… Through my work as a tarot reader, as well as through my writing career, many conversations I’ve had with friends, clients, and acquaintances have centered around a question that so many of us face at various times in our lives. Here are my thoughts.

Passion vs. paying the bills: What to do when you can’t quit your day job… Because this is a place I’ve been in many, many times before. Here’s what I’ve learned.

Your purpose is bigger than your job… How do you begin to separate your identity from your work? Here are some tips.

If you’re in need of some motivation to make something happen…

Creative blocks, and what to do when you feel stuck… Creativity comes with its ups and downs. Here’s how you can turn obstacles into inspiration.

Why we need to talk about those in-between days… Because it can be tough to admit it when you’re not as far along your path as you’d like to be.

What to do when your Plan B sucks… Because so often, we’re afraid of failing, and create backup plans for ourselves that are major compromises to our souls and our goals. Here’s how to fix that.

If you’re in need of some magical guidance…

Watching for signs? Here are my tips on working with omens… Because signs are everywhere, but we don’t always know how to read them.

Are you sending mixed messages to the universe? Venus retrograde can push us to get clear on what we need to ask for, and how. Here’s how you can get in alignment with your true nature.

If you’re digging through some relationship questions…

What happens when you don’t get the validation you need… So often, we end up relying on others – our parents, partners, colleagues, peers – to tell us that we’re doing okay. Here’s how to flip the script and find validation from within.

Why I no longer answer the question, “When will I get married?” This is a really common question for tarot readers, astrologers, and other intuitive workers. But I won’t go there anymore. Here’s why.

If you’re looking for something to meditate on…

Here is a mantra I wrote when Venus retrograde started in March:  

I am ready to receive what I deserve, and I honour my strengths in doing so.

And here is a quote from Danielle LaPorte that came my way as I was putting this care package together. Perfect timing, and very Venus retrograde:

“The world reflects back to you how much you value yourself.”
– Danielle LaPorte

And if you are looking for a tarot spread for Venus retrograde…

I have one here:

1. Where might I need to strengthen my boundaries during Venus retrograde?
2. Where might I need to soften my boundaries during Venus retrograde?
3. How will others perceive me at this time?
4. What do I need to now see in myself?
5. What can I do to make the most out of Venus retrograde?

Until next time,

Liz xo

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