A forecast for the Full Moon in Scorpio

DeathWhere is April going? It seems like we were just talking about the New Moon in Aries – full of fire and ready for spring – and here we are already past the month’s halfway point and moving into the underworld of a Scorpio Full Moon.

And of course, the Death card would be the one to show up for this week’s forecast. None of this feels very attuned to the spring season, I know, but this is the energy that the Full Moon in Scorpio brings.

Scorpio isn’t a comfortable place for the Moon to be. Scorpio is mysterious. Yes, it is watery and emotional, but it’s secretive. Cautious about what it wants to reveal, Scorpio’s self-awareness will be highly introspective, sometimes with an intensity that is outside of the Moon’s comfort zone.

So this Full Moon will be a bit unpredictable, and that unpredictability can hit us emotionally. Something that’s been brewing under the surface could come out stronger than expected, as though it can no longer be contained.

Alternately, new insights, realizations or needs might surface, but you might choose to keep them quiet at first, preferring to hold your own secrets close for the time being.

But that doesn’t necessarily mean that you won’t act on them. A Scorpio Moon can deal in extremes, with people deciding that they are up and ready to run away from something, quit for good, or make a drastic but necessary change without feeling the need to explain or justify their actions.

Things can also get deep during this Full Moon. As I said, secrets can surface, but so can unresolved issues from the past that are asking for final resolution. Mars and Pluto – Scorpio’s rulers – will both be retrograde by the time this Full Moon rolls around, and they’ll be calling all of us out on the areas where we haven’t yet taking assertive, transformative action.

If there are changes you have been dodging, or lingering issues that you are avoiding, this Full Moon can be a powerful time to decide to release them.

This is where the message of the Death card comes in. Death encourages you to embrace transformation. It’s where you will find catharsis. Let go of what is no longer thriving. Even if it feels painful at first, Death assures you that something new will grow in its place.

Think of this, too, as another turning point to do some spring cleaning in your life. The energy of the recent Aries New Moon has helped to usher new energy into your sphere; now, this week’s Full Moon can brush away any debris in order to maintain a fresh flow.

Not everyone is going to be affected dramatically by this Full Moon. If things in your life are feeling pretty steady, but you still want to work with this Moon, you can work with Scorpio’s energy to explore your own subconscious world, or connect with loved ones or ancestors who have passed.

You don’t have to take complicated steps to do things like this. For example, if you’re wondering if you have anything buried in your subconscious that it’s time to release, why not sit down and do some stream-of-consciousness journaling?

Or light a candle in memory of someone who has passed and ask them for a sign about which direction you need to go in at this time. Pay attention to your dreams, and to any symbols or signs that may appear throughout the remaining lunar cycle.

Here’s a mantra you might want to work with this week, too:

“I am ready to let go of any aspects of who I used to be in order to make way for who I am becoming.”

And of course, if you want to work with tarot to connect with this Full Moon, here is a spread you might like to try on your own:

1. What message does the Full Moon in Scorpio have for me?
2. What kind of transformation should I prepare for over the next six months?
3. Who am I in the process of becoming?
4. What step can I take to honour my emotions at this time?

What are you feeling ready to let go of during this Full Moon? Whatever it is, I trust that it’s time for change.

Until next time,

Liz xo

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