A New Moon and Solar Eclipse just in time for Boxing Day

If you follow the Moon like I do, you may be able to relate to the conflict that can come up when there’s an important lunar event that lands at the same time as the holidays:

“Should I follow the Moon, or follow tradition?”

It’s probably a shock to no one that I am not a traditional person. I have nothing against tradition being important to others – as long as I have the freedom to buck the trend when I need to.

We are in eclipse season, my friends, and the skies do not go on vacation. The stars will not wait for the Boxing Day sales to be over before introducing us to a new lunar cycle.

This week’s New Moon in Capricorn and solar eclipse arrives on Thursday, December 26 at 12:13 am EST. Depending on where you are in the world, this New Moon may arrive on Christmas day.

It is part of the Cancer-Capricorn eclipse cycle that began in 2018, a narrative of transformation that has been pushing each of us to look at the dynamics between ambition and self-care, and the reality that there is only so much energy you can expend in a day.

Illusions around empty goals have been breaking away this last year and a half. So are illusions around transactional relationships: “You’re nice but what can you do for me?”

Eclipses create change in our lives. It’s common to feel scared when change is mentioned because the natural response tends to be that the change will be negative.

Remember that this is New Moon energy, though, and it serves to open a new door or encourage you down a new path.

In the sign of Capricorn, this a time to hone in on your career goals, or the structure and security you want to create for yourself in 2020.

Just be mindful that this is a “work smarter, not harder” kind of energy. Capricorn does not rush to the top of the mountain – it takes careful, methodical steps to ascend to a higher level.

If you are ready to pounce on a big goal in 2020, I highly recommend working with this week’s New Moon. It’s nice and close to New Year’s Day to act as a springboard for any resolutions you’re making, but the eclipse energy brings even more potency.

While it may feel outside of the holiday spirit to take a bit of time to tune into this New Moon’s energy, it is the last lunar cycle of the decade and it does connect to a greater story that’s been unfolding in your life since 2018.

If you don’t want to miss out on this lunar cycle, my New Moon Meditations can help you drop into this week’s New Moon to get your intentions flowing.

So try to sneak a little bit of time for yourself for this one if you can. As I said, the skies are always in motion and the stars don’t wait for the holidays. You might as well work with the energy that’s available, even if it’s just for a moment.

Happy holidays.

Until next time,

Liz xo

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