A new season is here: Welcoming Aries, Ostara, and Mercury retrograde

Knight of Cups StarchildMarch is a really active month for us astrologically.

A couple weeks ago, we had Mercury and Venus move into Aries, and then Jupiter retrograde started.

We also have two full moons this month, which means the upcoming Libra Full Moon is a blue moon. (More on that next week.)

For now, we welcome Aries season, which begins tomorrow, Tuesday, March 20. Aries is also the sign that coincides with the spring equinox, or Ostara.

Last week, I talked about Pisces being the sign that transcends as it closes the cycle of the zodiac. Pisces can be softer, more reflective, because so much of the work of the zodiac’s wheel is already done.

At that point, the focus isn’t so much on building or striving, but instead on integrating the lessons we have learned, and the place we find ourselves in by the end of winter.

Aries brings us to a clean slate. The Sun entry’s into Aries this week may feel dramatic compared to the flowing (and sometimes spacey) energy of Pisces. Aries wants to get going, and it wants to move now.

This can be a time when we feel urgency and impatience take over. Suddenly, spring fever sets in, regardless of whether the weather outside reflects that or not.

I always recommend to think back six ago, to Imbolc at the start of February. That’s when the seeds of spring tend to appear. Intentions, ideas, or plans that we hope to set into motion then can start to take root over the next few months.

Pay attention to the obstacles that come up for you during Aries season this year, too. Mercury retrograde begins in Aries this Thursday, March 22. (All three Mercury retrogrades are in fire signs this year, so this is just the beginning…)

While some people panic at the sound of Mercury retrograde, I think this one, which lasts until April 15, can be an interesting one to pay attention to.

And by interesting, I don’t necessarily mean easy. But I think it can offer some opportunities for growth if you choose to pay attention to it.

Because Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, it is often connected to themes of leadership, determination, and drive. It can be a powerful energy if it knows what it’s aiming for.

With Mercury retrograde in a sign like this, I think the next few weeks can become opportunities to pay attention to where you feel challenged when it comes to control and authority.

The word leadership sometimes makes us think of CEOs or coaches. People who motivate, galvanize, dominate, or control. Depending on a person’s relationship to these concepts, the word leadership may feel uncomfortable, even unwelcoming.

But we are all leaders in our own lives. We all have to decide what is important to us, and when to be the boss of our own decisions, time, and destiny. We all have to be aware of any tendencies to react to other people’s urgencies or dramas.

I remember a friend of mine once said, “Your urgency is not my emergency” and I thought yes…that is exactly the kind of thinking that can take us places. It allows us to re-prioritize as we need to. It allows us to learn how to say no, if that’s something we need to practice.

So pay attention to where your boundaries may be crossed, or where you are being sidetracked by people or events that may be undermining your ability to have authority over your schedule, energy, and ideas.

Some of the challenges this can bring up may also be in realizing where there are energy leaks within the way we operate.

Aries loves to go, go, go, but Mercury retrograde slows things down. It may be time to look at what’s causing added stress, or keeping you overextended, and clearing your schedule so that you can enjoy the fresh energy of spring.

The card I pulled for this week is the Knight of Cups, which makes me think of the watery energy of Pisces that we are leaving behind.

The Knight of Cups has a lot of dreams and ideals. It seeks fulfillment wherever it goes, but eventually, it has to put its ideals into motion.

What does your heart require you to act upon right now?

“My heart expands when I narrow my focus and commit to my dreams.”

Until next time,

Liz xo

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