A plot twist, or a new chapter? Jupiter in Capricorn December 2 2019 – December 2020

Jupiter enters Capricorn today at 1:20pm EST.

The planet of expansion, higher knowledge and new horizons is leaving the fiery sign of Sagittarius where it has been since November 8, 2018.

Jupiter spends about a year in each sign. As it prepares to be hosted by Capricorn, take some time to reflect on what has transpired for you over the last year.

If you know your natal chart, you can reflect on the house that Jupiter has been passing through. If you don’t, that’s okay:

Think about the areas in your life where you have been pushed to expand, perhaps exceeding a previous limitation. Think about what you’ve been trying to grow, or to better succeed at.

Jupiter can open doors, but when a door opens you always need to ask yourself: Is this the right door for me?

Jupiter expands whatever it touches in your life, but without discrimination. So it can bring a flood of opportunity, but you might not have time or capacity to say yes to everything that comes your way.

And what shows up might not always be what you want – your ability to stay clear and focused needs to come into play.

Connected to optimism, Jupiter can also help you take a leap of faith that requires more trust in the process than you may normally have. But again, discernment, practicality and realistic expectations must be balanced with any hopeful action you take.

With Jupiter in Sagittarius this past year, you may have invested a substantial amount of time, money, or energy into a business venture or life path on the belief that it will pay off – but at first, all of that fiery Sagittarian energy may make you feel like you are burning through resources faster than you are making them back.

There may be some things you felt were sure to transpire in 2019 that didn’t end up coming into fruition – at least not yet.

Is there something you thought you would be further ahead with by now? The story is not over. Astrology reminds us that everything is a cycle, every movement in the skies connected.

A planet moving from one sign into the next doesn’t mean there’s a hard stop to something that is already in motion for you.

It’s a plot twist, a new scene, or a new chapter to move your story along.

As Jupiter begins to journey through earthy Capricorn you have the opportunity now to see some of your dreams become manifest.

The element of earth is where things come into reality. All of the efforts and inspiration that we get in the element of fire, as we did with Jupiter in Sagittarius, has to become grounded, slowed down and turned into a tangible result – which is what occurs in a sign like Capricorn.

What else might unfold for you during this time? Capricorn is a sign of mastery, ambition, and structure. This isn’t necessarily a time to take the easy road. Those looking for short cuts or overnight success may end up being disappointed if they try to cheat their way to the top.

And don’t we need a bit more of a reality check these days, anyway? There are so many illusions put right in front of our faces every day online. Instagram profiles make it seem like everyone has “made it.”

There are tons of online courses and weekend workshops that promise instant transformation and spiritual enlightenment in a matter of days or weeks – which is not a realistic expectation to set.

Jupiter in Capricorn will reward those who put in the effort. It will remind you that sometimes dreams take a bit longer to cook – but you will start to see some progress if you’ve been taking the necessary action to support your goals.

Throughout the week, you might also want to think about what was what transpired for you the last time Jupiter was in Capricorn, from December 2007 – January 2009.

Often when you are moving through a process, you don’t know what it will mean for you later. Hindsight can be a gift that helps you to navigate your current path in life.

If you are feeling confused about which direction to take, or if you need to get crystal-clear about what to focus on, a tarot or astrology reading can help you get back on track.

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Until next time,

Liz xo

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