A ritual to help you welcome Scorpio and the shadows of October

halloween3I’ve always loved autumn, especially the days leading up to Halloween, but over the years I’ve started to feel a bit detached from it. I guess it just comes with growing up, having more responsibilities, and being much more aware of the passing of time.

It all seems to go by so fast, and I often find myself missing the days when it felt like the fall stretched on for as long as summer in its own magical, mysterious way.

Lately I’ve been taking steps to be more mindful, more appreciative of the now. I’ve been doing some major decluttering at home and in the process have been finding little notes I’ve written to myself over the years and life goals I’d made when I was still in my teens and things I’d saved along the way that I thought were so important or inspiring.

And it’s funny and heartening to still find inspiration in some of those things now, and also to be forced to ask myself if I’ve honoured everything I set out to become, or what dreams I’ve grown out of.

It’s also surprising to see how little some parts of us change, while we manage to completely lose touch with other aspects of ourselves that we desperately need to reconnect to.

On Friday, October 23, the Sun moves into Scorpio, the sign of death and rebirth. One of Scorpio’s associations is the symbol of the phoenix: It craves constant renewal and needs to always be in personal transformation. It is also a sign of resilience, for no matter what, the phoenix will always rise again.

It’s no accident that Halloween takes place during Scorpio season. One of Scorpio’s ruling planets is Pluto, which in astrology is considered to represent the underworld. Its power lies in what’s hidden, and as its potency increases at this time of year, it’s said that the veils to the spirit world start to part.

This makes it an ideal time to connect with those who have passed and tap into the energy of those who have passed.

Pluto also forces us look at what hides in our shadows. If we choose not to face what’s been in the dark for too long we risk becoming stuck, and so compromise Scorpio’s opportunity for renewal and rebirth.

Remember that what hides from us is not always there to challenge us, which is why I mentioned my process of decluttering.

As I find little reminders of the person I once set out to be, I now have the opportunity to perhaps become re-inspired, re-connected, and re-minded of things that my life might benefit from hence I can now re-new. Often, the things that made us excited or got us curious when were younger are part of bigger messages for our life paths.

On Tuesday comes a Full Moon in Taurus, the sign of spring and so the opposite to Scorpio. This is going to bring an interesting dichotomy. Think back to changes or intentions you set into place six months ago to see what comes to a head next week as new priorities clash with the old. You could find yourself finally deciding that it’s time to stop making compromises or exceptions that are getting in the way of what you know you need to do.

Beginnings and endings are deep themes for the week ahead, but the energy from that Taurus Moon is going to help soften the edges to these changes. Don’t think of these changes so much as everything crashing down, but instead as headstrong inspiration and clarity around what ties need to be cut so that you can rise to new heights.

Personally, I’ll be using this time to reconnect to my love for this time of year and everything about it that once made me feel (perhaps ironically) so alive, so ready to embrace each day. And because Scorpio season helps us connect with the spirit world, I’m going to follow a small, simple ritual to help keep me connected to the magic of this time of year.

I’m sharing it with you in the hopes you’d like to try it as well:

Starting on the Full Moon of Tuesday, October 27, choose someone who has passed who you would like to connect with for guidance at this time.

Make it someone you have a strong connection to. You don’t need to have known them, and they don’t have to be related to you. As long as you feel connected to their energy, that’s all that matters.

If you have a photograph of them, create a little space for it and put it on display. This could be on a bookshelf, a corner of your kitchen table, your nightstand, or an altar if you have one.

If you don’t have a photograph, find some kind of object that you feel represents that individual. If you are connected to a grandparent, for example, maybe you inherited something they used to wear, like a watch or piece of jewelry.

Or maybe you have something that represents that person’s profession or a book by their favourite author, for example.

Place a candle next to it, and any kind of offering you feel is suited to this time of year: A gourd maybe, or a gemstone (tourmaline and opal are connected to October), or even some flowers or a small glass of wine.

Again, this is about what feels right to you. There are no hard and fast rules for personal rituals outside of creating them in a way that allows you to feel connected to what you’re doing.

Every day, from the 27th to the 31st, you’ll write a small note and place it in front of the photograph or object representing this person. Burn the candle each day as you write out your note, even if it’s only for a few minutes at a time.

The notes can either be questions, or intentions. If you aren’t sure what step to take to accomplish these intentions, then write it as a question and ask for guidance about how to move forward. The notes can be as short or as detailed as you feel they need to be.

Day 1: Declare something about yourself that are finally ready to accept and honour, or ask what it’s time to accept about yourself
Day 2: Identify a source of inspiration you are now ready to reconnect to, or ask what you have lost touch with
Day 3: Give thanks to an experience you are grateful to have learned from this year, or ask for insights into what you still need to learn
Day 4: Identify something that you are letting go of once and for all, or ask what is no longer serving you
Day 5: Identify an aspect of the deceased that you now want to honour through your own actions, or ask what message your ancestors or influences want you to take note of

As you go through each day, take note of any signs that might come up in dreams, or in conversations around you, or through information that comes your way. Journaling through the process can also be helpful.

Keep your notes and objects in place until November 21, the Sun’s final day in Scorpio, and see what comes up during this time.

I would love to hear how this ritual goes for you, so if you give it a try and want to share your experiences please drop me a line at lizworth@gmail.com.

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