A time of high magic: Your forecast for the week February 1, 2016

StrengthHello, February!

The effects of last month’s Mercury retrograde are finally starting to clear, and this week the Strength card has shown up for your forecast to remind you that no matter what uncertainty came up in January, you can and will move past it.

This week also gets off to a magical start, with Imbolc taking place on Tuesday, February 2. This is an ancient holiday that honours the Goddess Brigid. Though Imbolc falls during a cold, dark time of the year, it brings the early stirrings of spring.

Something special can come into your consciousness today, and throughout the week. The seed of an idea or new direction can be planted now, or something could emerge from within you that lights the way for the rest of the year.

That Strength card is here to remind you that doubt is a normal part of life; any time we move towards new experiences, creations, or ways of being, doubt will creep in to say, “Are you sure this can work?”

But just because doubt is there doesn’t mean it has any validity in the fears it brings.

Strength is here to tell you to move toward your light and the life you want.

The Moon is in Scorpio at the start of the week, and by Wednesday it moves into Sagittarius. This is giving us all a chance to peer inward on Monday and Tuesday and tune into our inner voices. Intuition will be running high.

By Wednesday, that Sagittarius Moon can provide the courage and optimism needed so that you can feel confident about the direction you’re going in.

Here’s a mantra for you to use to help connect with this week’s energy: “I open myself to insights and ideas that arise now, as they are seeds that can be planted come spring.”

And if you have your own tarot deck at home and would like to do a reading for yourself for Imbolc, here is a spread I’ve put together for you to try:

1. What is trying to grow within me now?
2. What can it become by spring time?
3. How can I remain open to the changes it can bring?
4. How can I honour my inner strength along the way?

And…as a limited-time offer, I’ve created a special reading to help you capture the magic of Imbolc and understands the seeds that are beginning to form within you now.

This is an email-only reading at just $40, and it’s only here until Tuesday, February 9.

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Have a great week!


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