A time to transform: Welcoming the Scorpio Full Moon

The Tower StarchildWhat can this week bring? With a Full Moon in Scorpio arriving on Wednesday, May 10, things might feel unpredictable in the days ahead.

Of course, unpredictability doesn’t have to be a bad thing. Scorpio is intense. It’s connected to the underworld, to themes of death, rebirth, power, and the subconscious.

Full Moon energy is strong because things can become illuminated, but they can also come to a close as things come full circle. Scorpio’s connection to the darkness, to our shadows, can bring secrets into the open.

Secrets do not always mean betrayal or dishonesty, though. Sometimes, things remain hidden for other reasons. We can have realizations that come out of nowhere, but they can seem so obvious that we don’t know how we missed them before.

And the themes that come up with a Scorpio Full Moon can push us to make necessary changes that, again, might have been right in front of us all along. Scorpio embraces endings in order to get to the transformation that awaits on the other side.

We are also still in Taurus season, where the Sun is lighting up a sign that craves sensuality, comfort, beauty, and luxury. Taurus helps us to honour our needs and desires. In springtime, Taurus urges us to appreciate what’s growing for us, and pushes us to cultivate new abundance if desired.

So together, the energies of Scorpio and Taurus can create an influence that is perhaps polarizing, but productive nonetheless.

Taurus can be telling you to really listen to yourself right now: What will help you get the stability you need? What might have to change in order to experience love, security, success, or anything else you are trying to invite into your life at this time?

Often, change is the way forward. Something has to die to make way for the new. This Scorpio Full Moon can help to usher in the change you need.

The Tower is the card that was pulled for this week. What a strong omen to see in advance of this week’s Moon. The Tower reminds us that we can’t hold onto what doesn’t want to stay.

The Tower also makes us look at the walls we’ve put into place for ourselves. Everything serves a purpose, until it doesn’t. Sometimes, the situations and decisions we’ve made in the past just don’t fit us anymore. They end up being relationships that no longer give us what we need, or living spaces that feel tired and crammed, or responsibilities and commitments to jobs that drain us.

The structures we put into place for ourselves can keep us safe and secure until we outgrow them. And that’s when the Tower appears to deliver a mantra for the week:

Let it all fall away.”

Once you break down the old walls, you can rebuild something stronger and better.

If you’re looking at making some changes in your life and want to connect for a tarot or astrology reading, I’m available for private readings throughout May.

And if you have a tarot deck of your own and want to connect with the Scorpio Full Moon, here is a spread to help:

    1. What change is it time for me to embrace?
    2. What old aspect of myself have I grown out of?
    3. What outside influence have I grown out of?
    4. What can I do to overcome any fear of change?

Until next time,

Liz xo

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