A week of insight and personal revelation

This week is one of brilliant flashes of insight and personal revelations, though some of these intuitions may feel hard-won.

Early in the week holds some tension with Sunday’s Aries Full Moon still reverberating through our psyches. You may catch yourself walking around with a chip on your shoulder without knowing what’s causing it.

There can be a general edginess in the air. The powers-that-be – whether they are higher ups at work, challenging clients, or family members – can also be adding friction into the mix.

Today, Monday, October 14, is a holiday in many parts of North America and my sense is that you may need to be acting as wise council if you’re getting together with family today.

Power dynamics are highlighted as there’s a stronger tendency for people to talk over each other, push their own ideas, and refuse to see things from another perspective.

But where we see friction in the skies is also where we can find excitement and inspiration. Self-development is highlighted right now, making this week one to re-shape a part of your life, or yourself, that is overdue for a change.

The energy is ripe for new visions and “a-ha” moments.

If you’ve been searching for a breakthrough idea that will set you free from a current rut, the days ahead can certainly help you to tap into the collective consciousness to call in the answers you’re looking for.

If, like the Nine of Wands, you find yourself getting tired of running around with too many walls up, or you keep treading the same old patterns that aren’t getting you anywhere, connect with the skies this week and ask, “What can I do differently?”

One thing about making changes, though, is that you need to be willing to accept the answers that show up for you. So set an intention for yourself to keep an open mind to the ways that you can grow.

Until next time,

Liz xo

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