Activate Your Life Through Astrology 2019 Online Summit

LizWorth(14of36) - CopyThank you so much for tuning into the Activate your Life Thru Astrology online summit!

It is such a pleasure to connect with you through the art of astrology.

Given that the summit’s tagline is “create ease, flow, and abundance in a rapidly changing world,” I am gifting you with a collection of intentions that you can use in your everyday life to help you stay connected to your path, purpose, needs, and desires.

There are intentions to help activate creativity, confidence, ease, and transformation, as well as reflections for transitions and challenging times. 

Some people like to use them as journal prompts, meditations, or mantras during new lunar cycles, full moon activations, or simply whenever they are needed. I will leave it to you to decide what feels right.

Click here to download your gift: Collection of Intentions by Liz Worth 2018

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Liz xo

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