Aim high: Welcoming the Sun in Sagittarius

Two of Swords lo-resWe say goodbye to Scorpio season this week.

On Tuesday, November 21, the Sun enters the fire sign of Sagittarius.

As we prepare to enter into a new kind of energy, try to find a few moments to yourself this week to reflect back on all that transpired over the past month.

I always like to pay attention to what we are moving into next, astrologically. While our standard calendar dates tell us what month we are in, the astrological cycles remind us of what kind of flavours and themes the weeks ahead hold for us.

We are moving out of a time of deep reflection. Many people experienced necessary honesty, introversion, and introspection.

Some harsh truths were called to light. Some people found a voice they didn’t know they had.

Of course, there is always more work like this to be done. Remember that our astrology wakes certain things up for us, but it’s our responsibility to continue whatever work has been started throughout any transit. It’s not like everything goes on hold once the Sun changes signs.

If Scorpio is a phoenix rising from the ashes, prompting us to make space for what’s next in our lives, then Sagittarius is the dreamer that resides within that new room. Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, the opener of the way.

Jupiter is optimistic. It’s always trying to expand, always trying to make things happen. This gives Sagittarius season an energetic, uplifting quality to it.

Sagittarius is also very spiritual and philosophical. While many symbols of the zodiac are animals or people, Sag is depicted as a centaur, a mythical being.

Sagittarius is also the archer, forever pulling back his bow to take aim at something far off in the distance.
So now that Scorpio might have helped you to clear your path, connect back with yourself, and feel more rooted in your power, what are you taking aim for?

What door do you hope might open? Even if it’s far off into the horizon, the fire energy we are moving into says, “Who cares? Go for it anyway.”

Fire is courageous and confident. It dreams big rather than getting lost in the details of who, what, where, when, or why.

This week, the Two of Swords came up for this forecast. At first, it might seem like a confusing card to have here. Sagittarius is so jovial, and the Two of Swords is often seen as a difficult card. It’s connected to isolation, indecision, avoidance, denial, and obstacles.

And yet here, we see an image of a woman who is lowering one of the swords. She has made a decision to clear her path. She is prepared to move forward now.

So think about that in the weeks to come. Think about where you might hesitate with something, or where you are putting off a major decision that can’t wait any longer.

If you don’t have anything so immediate, then take inspiration from Sagittarius itself: This sign would blow right through a Two of Swords situation, encouraging you to keep an eye on the horizon rather than turning away from the possibilities you seek.

If it helps, here’s a mantra to work with in the coming days:

I keep my gaze steady and my aim high.

Until next time,

Liz xo

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