All fired up: Welcoming the Full Moon in Aries

Three of Swords Cosmic TarotAs the sixth sign of the zodiac, Libra season reminds us that we are halfway through the astrological year.

Aries starts us off every March, and sits in opposition to Libra.

Today brings the Aries Full Moon, a culmination point that connects back to March 17. Full moons bring things to fruition, and so we are asked to reflect back on our plans just before the 2018 spring season began.

Full moons are markers in our greater chapters. They are places where we can put a period on the end of a sentence, or get a revealing insight that helps to answer something we weren’t clear on six months before.

If you had set any intentions on or around March 17, or had any significant events around then, you might want to check in this week to see how things have transpired since.

Today’s Moon reaches fullness at 10:52pm EST, in a tight conjunction with Chiron, the Wounded Healer. Conjunctions amplify the energies of the planets involved.

Chiron is still retrograde. Together, Chiron and today’s Full Moon can provide an opportunity to see where some of your old stories are ready to conclude.

These stories can connect to patterns or past experiences that have blocked your ability to assert yourself in the world. They can connect to blocks you’ve run into that have stalled your independence, determination, or confidence.

Aries wants to win. It wants to succeed, but only ever on its own terms. Let today’s energies show you where you can find freedom.

If something has been holding you back – insecurity, shyness, motivation – allow it to be released to this Full Moon. Let today’s energy show you a new way forward.

Tomorrow, Chiron enters Pisces, shifting our inward energies towards healing the soul and spirit.

Where has your connection to the divine become broken?

In a world where too many people are invested in creating just one view, one way of thinking, and one way of believing, it isn’t surprising that many of us become blocked or confused in connecting to our spiritual paths.

Even I deal with it all the time. I have family members who still don’t understand what my work is about, or why I do it.

I have had friends challenge my choices, trying to convince me that there is no point in believing in anything at all.

What a cold existence that would be, to believe in nothing at all. I would never give up the warmth I get from the trust I have in the universe.

But I had to work for that trust. I have had times in my life where I felt detached from the spiritual world. Not by choice, but just because I was…unable to feel a connection. Or too busy or distracted to make the time.

We all have to work to maintain our relationships with whatever we believe in. And sometimes, we have to work to find our way back to it.

Give your path a little extra love these days, whatever that path may be.
Leave an extra offering for your deities.
Say a prayer of gratitude.
Give the universe a tarot reading.

We can help strengthen the spiritual energy of the world when we send gratitude to the paths we follow. Just as we see in this week’s card, the Three of Swords, where a gathering is taking place.

What do you want to gather around to mourn, heal, or rally for?

On Sunday, September 30, Pluto stations direct after being retrograde since April. Over these past several months, Pluto retrograde has been digging up power struggles, and constraints within the existing structures in your life.

Relationships to work, money, and tradition have all been coming up for review.

There is a push and pull between tradition and transformation here, as Pluto is asking us all to question and challenge the current societal structures that are in place.

Often, these changes begin at the personal level, bubbling up from within.

Listen, and then listen some more. The universe is begging us for to do things differently.

Here is an intention for you to work with throughout the week:

“I am setting myself free.”

And a tarot spread for the Aries Full Moon:

1. What part of myself is ready to be healed?
2. What am I ready to express?
3. How can I cultivate confidence?
4. What can no longer hold me back?

Until next time,

Liz xo

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