Astrology: What does it mean when Uranus is transiting your 6th house?

Sphynx SacredUranus is the ruler of Aquarius, one of the most eccentric signs of the zodiac. Uranus is unconventional and innovative, always pushing towards change, towards something new.

Uranus spends about seven years in a sign. If we’re looking at where Uranus is in a natal chart, it might spend about the same time transiting through a particular house.

For me, Uranus just spent most of its tour through Aries in my 5th house of creativity. Its influence was certainly felt: I wrote a super surreal post-apocalyptic novel and steeped myself in experimental performance art. Talk about eccentric and innovative, right?

But in 2016, Uranus moved into my 6th house, which connects to health and the body, as well as how we can be of service to others.

Overall, I vibe well with uranian energy. I like change. I like weird. I like doing things differently. I mean, I’m a tarot reader, an astrologer, and a writer – I haven’t necessarily taken a conventional path here anyway.

So to have Uranus impacting my work and the way I serve? Bring it.

But my health? Well, that’s another story.

I don’t usually get nervous about what’s coming up in my chart, or what I see when I read cards for myself. But when I first saw Uranus was moving into my 6th house, I have to admit I panicked a bit.

Because it’s hard to expect the unexpected when it comes to health.

About two weeks after Uranus entered my 6th, I had an accident on my bicycle. I was doored by a driver who was parked illegally, in a bike lane no less. I hadn’t even fallen off a bicycle since I was a kid. Luckily, I escaped with just a few scrapes and bruises, but it spooked me all the same.

Then Uranus went retrograde and slipped back into my 5th house for several lovely months. But retrogrades don’t last forever. When Uranus went direct at the end of December, 2016, I knew it would be back in my 6th house again by spring 2017.

And wouldn’t you know that I ended up falling extremely ill with a parasite once Uranus moved into my 6th?  I have no idea where I caught it – somewhere in New York City, perhaps, where I’d been travelling days before I got sick – but it lasted for a good 20 days.

I hadn’t been sick – not even with a cold – since 2015. And this time around, I really got sidelined.

So I’m definitely paying close attention to my health and body these days. But Uranus in the 6th doesn’t always mean ill-health.

In fact, I think astrology gives us a lot of opportunity to be proactive with the energies and themes the planets are giving us.

Here are some ways I’ve been working with the uranian energy that’s moving through my life right now:

1. I got a new doctor. I hadn’t had a family doctor for over 10 years, after my previous one retired. But again…I don’t get sick that much and haven’t really had a need to see very many (thankfully) over time. When I saw that Uranus was moving into my 6th, though, it got me thinking that it might be time to find one, get a physical, and make sure everything was okay.

2. I got my vaccines updated. If Uranus is in your 6th, you might want to check with your doctor to see if you’re missing any booster shots (I was) or if there are other vaccines you might benefit from. Because if Uranus is all about expecting the unexpected, then the illness you think you don’t need to protect yourself from just might be what creeps up on you out of nowhere. Better safe than sorry, right?

3. I’m getting strong AF. Uranus in the 6th doesn’t necessarily spell out doom and gloom for your health. It can also be a highly supportive energy when it comes to exercise, physical strength, and more. I’ve always been into weightlifting, and now that Uranus is in my 6th, I want to use it to my advantage to push myself even harder at the gym. Eventually, I might even get a trainer and compete. I just have to remember to take care of my body in the process since I may be more injury or accident prone these days.

4. I’m planning out more tattoos. It’s no secret that I’m already a heavily-tattooed woman. (I was born with Uranus in my 1st house of identity – I was never, ever going to look or be normal.) But with Uranus in the 6th, I’d like to start really planning out some big, new pieces. Eventually, I want my legs and arms to be fully tattooed. These next seven years or so might be the time that happens.

How might you become more in tune with your body, your health, and your physical self overall with Uranus in your 6th house? You might find yourself exploring alternative medicine, finding your own workout regime, reassessing your lifestyle to make health a bigger priority, or drastically changing your appearance somehow.

What else would you add to the list?

Remember, astrology can show us possibilities and potential scenarios we’ll have to face, but it also shows us where we can focus our ideas and attention to make the most of what we’ve got.

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