What is the point of reading tarot?

Whenever I explain to someone that I believe the future is yet to be created, a question predictably follows: “Then what’s the point of reading tarot?” I get where the question is coming from: So many people assume tarot is all about future-telling. So explain that I read tarot because the cards are a tapestry

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A week of insight and personal revelation

This week is one of brilliant flashes of insight and personal revelations, though some of these intuitions may feel hard-won. Early in the week holds some tension with Sunday’s Aries Full Moon still reverberating through our psyches. You may catch yourself walking around with a chip on your shoulder without knowing what’s causing it. There

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Whose life are you really living?

Have you ever wondered where your perceptions, assumptions, and beliefs come from? In a world as complex and multi-faceted as ours, there are so many factors that can influence the way you think, and the beliefs you hold about yourself. It wasn’t until I got to college that I learned about conditioning and socialization, and

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