You can’t do much when you’re dead: Exploring the misfit lifestyle with Kingi Carpenter

Start a business. Write a book. Quit a life-draining job. Travel the world. What are the things you really want to do, but feel like you can’t quite take the leap? How are you waiting to express yourself? What do you feel you are hiding from the world? What needs to finally be set free?

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Creative blocks, and what to do when you feel stuck

I’ve always compared creative projects to relationships, especially when your projects are long-term commitments, as many often are. You have days where you’re totally in love. It all feels right. It feels like it’s “the one.” And then the next day, out of nowhere, hard questions creep up: is it just a phase? Hormonal? Naive?

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Mini tarot lesson: What’s the difference between the Two of Wands and the Three of Wands?

Sometimes it can feel like certain cards have overlapping meanings, and it certainly doesn’t help when their imagery is quite similar. Especially when the tarot has so many other cards that are so distinct, each having a clear, bold personality, no matter how gentle their messages sometimes are. So what’s with the Two and Three

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