Justice Starchild

Mercury retrograde has begun. Re-think, re-evaluate, re-do.

Over the weekend, Mercury stationed retrograde and is now doing its semi-regular backspin through the stars. When I write about Mercury retrograde, I often state that these retrograde periods often get over-hyped, and the fear around them is unwarranted. Every planet goes retrograde at some point. Retrogrades serve to slow down certain processes in order

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What the @#!* is my astrologer talking about? A quick guide to trines, squares, and more

If you love reading your horoscope, you’ve likely come across astrologers talking about aspects – squares, trines, oppositions, sextiles, conjunctions, inconjuncts, and more. The planets are always on the move. The aspects they form are measured by their distance to each other and the angles they create. Some aspects are “soft” in that they are

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