Breaking beyond with Capricorn season

Eight of Wands Cosmic TarotThis time of year can stir up so many emotions.

The Cancer Full Moon we experienced this weekend, on Saturday, December 22, may still be reverberating for some. Cancer’s waters got stirred up and the ripple effect can continue.

There may be added tenderness. You may feel like a sponge for everyone else’s energy, picking up on the stresses, as well as the expectations, that this time of year can bring for so many.

Last week, I talked about how challenging I find this time of year to be.

When the Sun is Capricorn, I feel driven, determined, and focused. My creativity gets stirred up and I deeply crave some time alone to make the most of that.

And yet I feel like I am swimming upstream with it all.

The New Year is around the corner, also calling with its own hopes and expectations.

Even though I place more focus on the seasonal and astrological changes in the year, the end of the calendar year still holds weight.

It’s all a little bit like the Eight of Wands that I pulled this week. This is a card of endless inspiration. It’s a card of potential and possibility.

When I see it here, it reminds me of how many worlds we live in at once.

There is the world in front of us, the one that we work so hard to engage in.

And then there is the world within, the one that breathes magic and fire, the one that asks, “What do you want to do next?”

So if you are feeling a push and pull between the rush of the holidays and the hum of your heart, see if you can carve out a little bit of time for yourself this week, even if it’s just an hour with your notebook, a little bit of time to jot down some dreams for the year to come.

With the fiery wands here, you might even want to light a candle for your intentions, a symbolic promise to yourself to tend to your creative fires when you can.

Capricorn season is an incredible time to find new capabilities. To push past an old limitation or to reach for something you didn’t think you could grasp before.

It is a time to decide to make something happen, even if right now isn’t the right time to do it. Still, you can give yourself a quiet, secret gift in the form of a promise of what the coming year will mean for you.

Tonight, if you have a moment, breathe in the potential of what’s ahead.

It’s there, waiting.

And whatever you may be celebrating, I wish you a wonderful week.

Until next time,

Liz xo

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