Breaking Illusions: Practices for Pisces Season

Photo by Kyle Glenn on Unsplash

The sun slipped into Pisces last week, on Tuesday, February 18, 2020.

Pisces energy has a reputation for inducing daydreams and illusions. It inspires your imagination and encourages you to think in poetry rather than straight lines.

With Mercury retrograde in Pisces until early March, there’s currently an even greater invitation to unbox your mind.

To break away from the well-worn treads of your usual thought patterns.

To notice where your routines are causing your inner voice to get caught up in a rut.

What is it that you’re tired of? Where are you seeking more truth, more tenderness, and more compassion?

Pisces doesn’t only have a reputation for its imagination. It gets associated with deception, betrayal, and slippery boundaries.

That sounds negative, but does it always have to be seen as such?

Pisces season can be a lesson in attuning to the actions, commitments, or habits that feel like a betrayal to your true nature.

You can intentionally tune into this time of year to get closer to what you really want to be doing with your time.

Recently, I shared a post on my Instagram page talking about my relationship to technology. Obviously, I’m here, in your inbox. Technology has brought us together, and it’s something we all rely on to some degree.

But in 2018, I made the decision to delete most of my apps from phone. Including my email.

I needed a break from checking everything all the time. And I needed better boundaries around my work time and personal life.

I didn’t need to be checking my email every night before bed, or scrolling aimlessly through my Facebook feed.

What I did need was to reclaim the space that technology had taken up within my mind.

I started leaving my phone at home, too. When I go for walks with my dog, or take myself out on a solo date for an afternoon, I am truly off the radar for those times.

To have uninterrupted time has allowed me to get back into the deeper creative states I had been craving. Within the last year, I have written a novel, read more books, and outlined future projects.

Technology was part an illusion I had told myself, which was the mis-truth that I needed to be plugged in at all times if I wanted to participate or succeed in this world.

Instead, I found the opposite was true: The more I learned to honour my private time, the more my work and life improved.

Now, I’m not saying this is exactly what you should do, too – technology is just an example of a boundary that I tightened up to take better care of myself, and my mental and emotional health.

There are all kinds of changes Pisces season can nudge you towards – especially if you have adopted attitudes, mindsets, or habits that block you from living in a rhythm that feels right for you.

Ready to tune into your intuition during Pisces season? Think about what you need right now:

What boundary continues to get crossed in your personal or professional life?

What would it be like to take back your time and energy from something that is drying you out?

What kind of compassion can you extend to yourself this month?

What kind of time is your schedule empty of right now, and what can you do to replenish the minutes in your day?

What are you tired of thinking of, worrying about, or working on, and how would your days feel if you could channel your energy into something else?

During Pisces season, I encourage you to sit with the questions here that resonate with you most.

Making a commitment to implement even a small change will allow you to carve out a different path for your heart and mind to follow moving forward.

Until next time,

Liz xo

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