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Jupiter in Scorpio: The planet of expansion moves into the underworld this week

This week’s forecast looks at Jupiter’s move from Libra into Scorpio. Things are going to get deep, especially once the Sun moves into Scorpio, too. To help you connect to the energies of this Jupiter transit and the upcoming Scorpio season, I’m starting my October readings sale early. This year, I’m offering something called the

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Justice Starchild

Mercury retrograde has begun. Re-think, re-evaluate, re-do.

Over the weekend, Mercury stationed retrograde and is now doing its semi-regular backspin through the stars. When I write about Mercury retrograde, I often state that these retrograde periods often get over-hyped, and the fear around them is unwarranted. Every planet goes retrograde at some point. Retrogrades serve to slow down certain processes in order

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