Change begins with trust: Your forecast for December 28 to January 2

Mystic-Tarot-Tower-MysticThis week’s message comes through the Tower, a card of drastic change and upheaval.

A lot of people get nervous when the Tower comes up in a tarot reading, but with the New Year just days away, the Tower’s presence for this week’s tarot forecast feels all too fitting.

I often describe the Tower as a huge storm. At first, it might seem to come in out of nowhere: The sky darkens, the thunder and lightning roll in, and when the rain falls, it’s heavy and unrelenting.

Sometimes storms knock down power lines, or split trees in half.

But of course, it blows over like all storms do. The first reaction in the aftermath might be to assess the damage. First, the focus might be on the destruction that’s occurred, but then, it shifts into what’s been left behind.

It can also shift towards what that storm has washed away. Dirt and debris have a way of piling up, clouding our surroundings so gradually that we don’t even notice that we’ve lost sight of the beauty that surrounds us.

Part of the strength of the Tower card is that its swift change cuts away at exactly the right things – even if at first all you seem to be able to do is focus on what’s now gone. But it removes away structures that no longer serve us: Things we might have been holding onto because they gave us a false sense of security (but were stunting our growth, or keeping us small), or things we can’t move forward with because they no longer have the same place in our lives they once did.

The Tower comes up and says, “Life has other plans for you.” And yes, it can feel unexpected and yes, it can feel scary, but in working with the Tower, the power is in letting go and learning to surrender to change.

Look around at your life as it is right now. How has it changed since last December? And the December before that? And before that?

This time next year, who knows where you’ll be, or what you will have become?

This is the week to ask yourself these very questions, and to tap into the Tower’s energy and welcome it into any area of your life that you know you need to let go of, or that you know it’s time to grow from.

What is acting as your security blanket? What’s stopping you from taking a leap into the unknown?

Where is your fear holding you back?

When we hesitate to make the changes that we know need to be put into action, life has a way of making them for us eventually, and that’s when things can feel like they are really being shaken up.

So look at where you can be proactive in ushering in the kind of change you want to see.

If you want some help in setting any intentions or resolutions for the New Year, I’ve created this free guided meditation and worksheet for you to get ready for 2016.

And here’s a mantra for you for the week to help you work with the message of the Tower:

“My liberation comes from letting go. My greatest changes begin when I trust and surrender.”


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