Checking the strength of your foundation with Saturn direct

This is a week to check the strength of your foundation.

Saturn stations direct on Wednesday, September 18 at 4:47 am. The planet of commitment and restriction, discipline and boundaries has been retrograde since April 29.

Throughout that time, you may have found yourself working through some of those themes. Late spring and summer have been asking all of us to pay attention to where our energy leaks away unnecessarily.

That energy can come in the form of money or finances, work or responsibilities, or loose boundaries that end up blocking us from making the kind of progress we want to see.

With Saturn conjunct the south node in Capricorn, there is something fatalistic about the doors we might find ourselves closing the year. There is something weighted to the decisions to break our patterns, to “get it right this time” or “quit for good and never look back.”

Take some time this week to reflect on the changes that have occurred for you since late April:

Where have you decided to take your work more seriously?

Where have you defended your time or priorities, and drawn protective barriers around your commitments?

Where have you buckled down, put in the work, and committed to grow?

Where have your weak spots been exposed, and what has felt vulnerable?

Saturn retrograde can sometimes bring up things that worry us, because it shows us where the work remains, or where we need to improve.

But the purpose of these lessons is not to send you running in the opposite direction: No, Saturn wants you to do the work. It rewards those who fix those leaks and prevent future cracks from forming in the foundations of their lives.

Like the Queen of Pentacles, Saturn reminds us that there is no such thing as overnight success, and quick fixes are always too good to be true. The real secret to success is developing a sense of discipline and patience, accepting that anything worth having is worth waiting for.

So check the strength of your foundation as Saturn prepares to move ahead.

If you have been neglecting any work, make a promise to yourself to tend to it this week.

As Saturn picks up speed again, he will begin to deliver building blocks to add to your foundation – and you’ll want make sure you’re able to sustain the new opportunities that come.

Until next time,

Liz xo

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