Payment and refunds

All readings must be booked and paid for in advance online. No exceptions.

There are no refunds for any reason, including cancellations on your part. Please ensure you have chosen the date, time and service that is right for you.

If you cannot keep your appointment time, you can reschedule to another date up to 48 hours before your booking.

Trades and services in kind

I can’t accept payment in the form of goods or services in kind. That means I don’t “trade” readings, or trade for other services. If you have a business and I want to hire you, I will pay you, period. 

My hours of operation

My hours of operation are subject to change, as are the services I offer. Generally, I am available by email during standard business hours. I take appointments two days a week. You can book an appointment right into my calendar using my bookings page.

Exceptions to my schedule

I am not able to make exceptions to my schedule for private readings. I get a lot of requests to accommodate appointments that are outside of my posted hours. If you don’t see the time or date you want, it is because I am not available. 


Due to the energetic nature of my work, I’m not able to offer refunds on any of my services, readings, classes, or products for any reason.

This includes digital products, such as meditations and pre-recorded classes as digital files are non-returnable.

Online Readings

Readings done online via video chat rely on an internet connection. Occasionally, things may happen during a video chat session that are outside of my control: A dropped call, loss of internet or wi-fi connection, power outage, service disruption, or computer malfunction on either the client’s side or my side is not something I can reasonably control, anticipate, or prevent. 

If we do get cut off or our session is disrupted, I will do everything I can do restore the call. If we lose significant time, I will stay on the call to make up lost minutes.

If we cannot re-establish our session due to technical difficulties, I will offer to reschedule the appointment at the next available time slot, or give you a credit for the remaining time we have left.

I am not able to offer a refund for technical issues as my time is just as invested in my appointments. I’m not able to recover a lost appointment time. 

Cancelling or rescheduling your appointment

Sessions can be rescheduled no later than 48 hours before your appointment time (policy updated December 21, 2018). 

Cancellations or reschedules within less than 48 hours may result in the loss of your appointment and payment.

If you are running late, or don’t show up at all… 

If you do not show up for your appointment, you will lose your appointment. I do not issue refunds.

If you are late for your appointment, it will come out of your session time. I can’t go over time to make up for it.

You are responsible for keeping track of your schedule and ensuring that you are able to get to your appointment on time. 


I do offer to record your reading. This is currently a complimentary service that I provide for clients who book 60-90 minute sessions with me. (Parties and events are excluded from this service.) I reserve the right to cancel or modify this service at any time.

Readings are recorded digitally and will be sent within 5 business days after your reading. You are responsible for downloading and saving your recording within a timely manner. Recordings do expire after three months.

I’m not able to guarantee recording quality and cannot protect against technical or mechanical failure during your reading.

I do not give permission for any private recordings to be shared outside of myself and you, the client.

Follow-up questions 

Once your reading is over, it’s over. I can’t answer follow-up questions via phone or email. If you want to explore something further, you are welcome to book another session with me.

Follow-up notes

I cannot provide follow-up notes, summaries, or any other written recaps of your reading. 

Gift certificates

Gift certificates are no longer available for purchase of November 18, 2019.

Gift certificates purchased before this are date are still valid. Gift certificates are non-refundable, but they are transferable. If you are unable to use yours, you are welcome to pass it along to a friend or family member.

Gift certificates are sold in monetary denominations and are not meant to guarantee a fixed price on any product or service, nor do they guarantee a type of service will remain available. All services, programs, prices, and service delivery methods at lizworth.com are subject to change.

It is the responsibility of the certificate holder to use this certificate at their discretion, including booking their own appointments. 

Accuracy and predictions

My job is to read what I see in the cards, or in your astrological chart. That’s all it comes down to: I read, and then relay that information.

That means I will always be honest about what I see in the cards, but I can’t make promises or  100% guarantees on any outcomes. Remember that when you get a reading, you are consulting an oracle. The information is based in intuitive, spiritual, emotional, and esoteric realms.

It is my experience that readings can help to reveal potential outcomes, but nothing will shape your future more than the decisions you make today. We are all responsible for our own paths.

I trust that you are entering into a reading with me with full consent, and that you take responsibility for your own actions once our session is over. Tarot and astrology are means of deeper exploration and clarity, not places to lay responsibility at the feet of any reader, myself included.

If you’re not happy with your reading 

Make sure I am the right reader for you before you book with me. I encourage you to read through my website in advance. Every tarot reader will have a different style and approach to tarot. 

I don’t use tarot as a fortune-telling tool. That means that if you are looking for someone to tell you the name of your future spouse or which lottery numbers to choose this weekend, I’m not your gal. 

Reading for children and teens

I started getting readings when I was in high school. I don’t believe there’s an age limit on readings. Tarot can be relevant for people at all stages in their lives. I have read for kids under 10 years old and retirees in their 80s. 

Bringing friends and family to your reading

Please respect my privacy and safety. Don’t invite friends or family to tag along with you. 

Your reading should be an individual, personal experience, not one that others sit in on. If you feel very strongly about having a second person there, or require accompaniment (such as a parent if you are under 18), please get in touch with me about it first so that we can make appropriate arrangements.


Anything that is discussed during our session will stay between you and me, and so will your contact information. The only time information is shared is when clients voluntarily provide testimonials, or examples of their readings for class purposes, always with explicit permission. 

Party and event policies 

If you are hiring me to read at a party, a 50% deposit is required, due withing three business dates after confirmation.

Deposits are required for me to hold your event date.

Deposits are non-refundable, and non-transferable except in the case of cancellation on my part. If I am unable to fulfill my commitment for any reason, your money will be refunded in full.

For individuals who are hosting parties, the remaining balance is due at the end of the evening, in cash or certified cheque.

For companies and organizations, the remaining balance is due at the end of the evening, payable by cheque. If for any reason your business is unable to pay on time, interest charges of $1.50 a day will be applied for every day you are late.

I reserve the right to refuse service to anyone who I feel is threatening my safety or security. This includes any guests at your event who are verbally or physically abusive; are heavily intoxicated; or who display aggressive, unpredictable behaviour.

Public workshops, seminars, and other events 

I often run classes, talks, and other events at various in Toronto and beyond. I will do everything in my part to ensure these events run, no matter what, unless illness or circumstances beyond my control bar me from doing so. If I do have to cancel, you will receive a full refund immediately.

However, I sometimes work with other shops and venues and their policies may differ from mine. For example, some require a minimum number of registered participants for a class to run. If you register for an event through a shop or venue, I encourage you to check out their cancellation policies.

Tarot mentorship packages

My hours of operation are subject to change. Please ensure you book your classes as soon as possible in order to confirm your preferred time.

Classes must be used within an eight-week time frame. 

My cancellation and rescheduling policies apply to all services, including classes. That means rescheduling a class requires a minimum of 24 hours’ notice. Any cancellations within less than 24 hours will result in the loss of that class time. You can re-book a makeup session at the cost of $100.

“No show” classes are considered cancellations.

Please do not distribute or share any materials received in your classes. Failure to respect copyright will result in immediate legal action, no questions asked.

Classes and mentorship packages are non-refundable.

Need to clarify anything? Email me: lizworth@gmail.com

Last updated September 3, 2019.

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