Policies and FAQs

Paying upfront

For my safety, and to protect against theft of my time, I require that all readings are booked and paid for in advance. 

My business hours for private readings

Tuesday to Friday, 12-7pm
Saturday, 12noon-4pm


Sessions can be rescheduled up to 24 hours before your appointment time.

Same-day cancellations 

I consider anything within less than 24 hours to be a same-day cancellation, and may result in the loss of your appointment altogether, with no refund.

There is a cost associated with cancelled appointments, as it’s time that another client could have had.

No-shows or really, really late arrivals

If you do not show up for your appointment, you will not receive a refund for the time that I have spent waiting for you.

If you are late for your appointment, it will come out of your session time. So, if you have booked a 60-minute reading, and you arrive 15 minutes late, you will have a 45 minute reading.

If you leave me waiting for more than 20 minutes, and I haven’t heard from you, I will consider your appointment cancelled.

You are responsible for ensuring that you have the right time and date for your session.


Due to the energetic nature of my work, I’m  not able to offer refunds on any of my services or products.

Parties and events

If you are hiring me to read at a party, a 50% deposit is required. Refunds are only provided on deposits in the instance that I cancel.

Notes from your session 

I no longer provide written notes for tarot readings. I discontinued this service in order to offer more availability in my schedule and better serve my clients with new classes, blogs, and other offerings. All readings are recorded, however. You are also welcome to take notes during your reading. 

Accuracy and predictions

My job is to read what I see in the cards, or in your astrological chart. That’s all it comes down to: I read, and then relay that information.

That means I will always be honest about what I see in the cards, but I can’t make promises or  100% guarantees on any outcomes. Remember that when you get a reading, you are consulting an oracle. The information is based in intuitive, spiritual, emotional, and esoteric realms.

It is my experience that readings can help to reveal potential outcomes, but nothing will shape your future more than the decisions you make today. We are all responsible for our own paths.

I trust that you are entering into a reading with me with full consent, and that you take responsibility for your own actions once our session is over. Tarot and astrology are means of deeper exploration and clarity, not places to lay responsibility at the feet of any reader, myself included.

Questions to avoid 

Generally, I discourage clients from asking, “When am I going to get married?” if they are not already in a relationship. Tarot can’t give you a wedding date – you and your partner will be the ones to determine that, when the time is right. If you do want to discuss love, but are unsure how to frame your questions, let me know and I’ll offer some suggestions to help you make the most of your reading.

I also discourage questions about gambling or lottery wins. Money and our relationships to it can be tied to bigger lessons that we must live through. If you want to better understand your money patterns, an astrology reading with me can certainly help you in that area. Tarot can, too, of course, but I find astrology to be a solid guide to help you get a better understanding of your money signature. 

If you’re not happy with your reading 

I encourage you to read through my website before you book with me. Every tarot reader will have a different style.

If you are looking for someone to tell you the name of your future spouse or which lottery numbers to choose this weekend, I’m not your gal.

My policy as a reader is to “speak life” to you. This means that I will do my best to deliver even the most challenging messages in ways that make you feel prepared to face whatever may be coming your way. I think it’s important to remember that tarot tends to show us what we need to know, and those messages can sometimes feel like a surprise.

It can also help to sit on a reading for a week or two to let the information settle.

My location

For security and confidentiality purposes, I do not list my address publicly, though details are provided once your appointment is confirmed. I am located in the Broadview and Danforth area. Public transit is nearby, and there is parking.

If you are concerned with travel time, you can always book a reading via Skype. 

Reading for children and teens

I started getting readings when I was in high school. I don’t believe there’s an age limit on readings. Tarot can be relevant for people at all stages in their lives. I have read for kids under 10 years old and retirees in their 80s. 

Please don’t bring your friends to your reading

I don’t like surprises, especially when they are on my doorstep. Please respect my privacy and safety and don’t invite friends or family to tag along with you. I only allow one person in at a time and I am firm on this. If you bring an unexpected guest, they will have to wait downstairs in the lobby.

Your reading should be an individual, personal experience, not one that others sit in on. If you feel very strongly about having a second person there, or require accompaniment (such as a parent if you are under 18), please get in touch with me about it first so that we can make appropriate arrangements.


Anything that is discussed during our session will stay between you and me, and so will your contact information. The only time information is shared is when clients voluntarily provide testimonials, or examples of their readings for class purposes, always with explicit permission. 

Need to clarify anything? Email me: lizworth@gmail.com



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