Create, grow, or let go: Your forecast for the week of February 15, 2016

Six of SwordsThere is a lot of potential in the air this week!

The Moon is waxing for another week, meaning that we all have the chance to take hold of its energy and initiate new ideas and beginnings for ourselves, and with the Sun in Aquarius until Friday, February 19, it’s a great time to push your creative boundaries, form new friendships, or dare yourself to try something different.

For me, I’ll be taking advantage of this Aquarius energy to start work on a free, mini course that will launch in time for the Spring Equinox next month. (And yes, you’ll be the first to hear about it!)

I’ve mentioned before that for many of us, 2016 rolled in with a lot of tension and anxiety. Sometimes, focusing on creating a new beginning somehow – even if it’s small – can be one way to move beyond tension.

That’s the message that the tarot brings this week, as well. The Six of Swords came up as the message for this week’s forecast, bringing a reminder that tension is temporary. As soon as something begins, it is already moving towards an end.

No matter how challenging something may seem, the strife it brings won’t last forever, and if you are ready to look ahead at what’s on the other side, you might find that resolution is much closer than you thought.

The Six of Swords often appears when we are going through trials and tribulations that are actually helping us to see how strong and resilient we are.

It is also a card that can speak of growing pains. Typically, we associate growing pains with adolescence, but realistically, growth is ongoing. Life is always throwing obstacles in our way to push us further. The more we decide to work with these challenges rather than fight against them, the deeper our transformations along the way.

If you feel like you can resonate with the energy of the Six of Swords this week, you might want to explore some questions to help you gain perspective on your situation:

What are you learning about yourself so far this year? What kind of lessons might you be able to take from here? What is going right for you despite any tension you’re experiencing?

On Friday, the Sun moves into introspective Pisces, which feels very much aligned with the energy of the Six of Swords. Pisces is a sign of compassion, healing, and revelation; the next month will bring a lot of opportunity for soul-searching, spirituality, and important realizations about who you are and where you’re heading.

Here’s a mantra to help you work with this week’s energy:

“The more I reflect on my past and present, the more insights I receive about my path.”

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Have a great week!


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