Creation from confusion: Pisces season gets murky with this week’s Mercury retrograde and New Moon

Knight of Pentacles Cosmic TarotThe first Mercury retrograde of 2019 begins this week, Tuesday, March 5, at 1:19pm EST, in the sign of Pisces.

Mercury has already been in Pisces since February 10. Because of this month’s retrograde, Mercury will stay in this sign until April 17.

Typically, Mercury only spends a couple weeks in each sign. To have Mercury – such a cerebral planet –  swimming in the intuitive oceans of Pisces for such an extended period of time is going to be, well, interesting to say the least.

Mercury doesn’t always function very well in Pisces. It’s not that it wreaks havoc, but it can make things a bit fuzzy, confused. Pisces energy can be dreamy, spacey. It is creative as hell, but not always grounded enough to harness its inspiration.

Mercury is all about connecting the dots and getting a message across. With Mercury in Pisces, life can start to feel like a big game of broken telephone. Misunderstandings arise and messages get mixed up. We can be a little more forgetful, and a little less focused on the task at hand.

Since February 10, some people might have felt like they were already under the influence of Mercury retrograde.

The first week that Mercury entered Pisces, I forgot my wallet, lost the plot of the novel I’m writing (it has since come back, thankfully), and kept misplacing my sunglasses which were in my pocket the whole time (of course).

But Mercury in Pisces can also be beautiful, creative, and inspiring. Since February 10, our minds have been under the influence of the higher realms.

Pisces is poetry, transcendence, and dream worlds. It is non-linear concepts and spiritual epiphanies. It is about feeling your way through something to avoid over-thinking it.

This hasn’t been a time to put pressure on yourself to run the tightest ship, or force yourself to do all of the things you “should” be doing.

This has been a time to open your creative channels. To let yourself find new sources of inspiration, or deepen a spiritual path. We often talk about Mercury’s rulership over communication, technology, and travel, but we mustn’t forget that Mercury also rules divination – another form of communication.

Mercury and Pisces is an invitation to tune into your intuition. To be your own oracle. To speak from the heart rather than the head.

During this retrograde period, allow yourself the time and space to reflect on your gut instinct. If you feel creatively stifled, or spiritually stuck, the next few weeks might highlight what needs to change so that you can find more flow.

Will this retrograde be an easy one? That always depends on our individual experiences. I would say to broaden your leeway with schedules and expectations, for others and for yourself.

People’s heads are under water right now, and we might not be communicating as clearly or gracefully as we might like.

On Wednesday, March 6, the New Moon in Pisces arrives. New moons help us to create space in our lives. They are points of activation for new energies and intentions to enter our hearts.

This New Moon is conjunct Neptune, which gives it an added potency for intuitive hits.

Ask yourself:

Is a piece of writing or art waiting to come through you?
Do you want more room to play?
Do you need more room to explore your spirituality?
Is a new path calling to you?
Is an existing path deepening?
Do you want to listen to your heart more than your head this year?

Sit with yourself during this New Moon.

With Mercury retrograde, it can be a powerful time to rest and reflect rather than act upon anything right away. Listen, and wait. Let yourself sit with the truths that reveal themselves to you.

Usually, these truths are nothing surprising. You already know what you need, but this is the time to commit to giving it to yourself.

And if you’re feeling like things are too spacey, too free-flowing, take cue from this week’s card, the Knight of Pentacles. It would be so fitting that I pulled such an earthy card at a time when we need a reminder to stay grounded.

Uranus also enters Taurus on Wednesday, which will give us four planets in earth signs right now – a helpful mix to remind us to keep our feet firmly planted on the earth as we journey through Pisces season:

“I am giving voice to my inner knowledge.”

If you want to use tarot to connect with this week’s Pisces New Moon, here is a spread you can try:

1. What is the universe trying to show me right now?
2. What can I do to honour this message?
3. What is my creative self trying to do right now?
4. What can I do to honour this energy?

And if you would like make the Moon’s energies and cycles a bigger part of your path, I invite you to join me in my upcoming Moon Magick program. This is a six-week online course that starts on Monday, March 11. Details and registration can be found at

Happy New Moon!

Until next time,

Liz xo

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