Cultivating abundance, healing, and more through lunar cycles

red moonThe magic of astrology is real.

For me, my earliest lessons in finding that magic came by understanding the power of the Moon. 

Every phase of the Moon affects you. Every lunar cycle can open you up to new opportunities, healing, and transformation – if you know how to use it.

So how can you get started? First, remember that learning to live by the Moon is a process like any other. 

But that’s part of the beauty of following the Moon, too: It becomes a personal practice, a new way of life that allows you to build your own sense of timing and trust within yourself and the universe.

“Why bother?” some people might wonder. “Nothing ever works for me. Nothing ever changes.”

But that mindset can be a starting point in and of itself. 

The Moon can help you let go of any blocks or limiting mindsets. When I’m working with clients and a statement of resistance comes up – such as the one above – it often turns into an opportunity on its own.

If you’re having trouble trusting in something, or you’re feeling blocked somehow, the Moon can be a place to begin releasing that limitation. If you’re tired of believing that nothing ever changes, you can set an intention under the right Moon phase to break that pattern of thinking.

The Moon gives you the opportunity to take a step towards a new frame of mind.

The Moon can help you to let go of any past hurt and move towards healing. While time and space can help you put distance between a past love, broken friendship, or work situation that went sour, it isn’t always easy to let go of the pain and fear it caused:

“Will it happen again?”
“Is it better for me to play it safe, even if it means I’m settling for less?”
“Will I ever get my confidence back?”
“Can I ever trust anyone again?”

All of those feelings and questions can start to be released through Moon work, especially once you’re willing to work with the waning phases of the Moon.

The Moon can help to cultivate abundance. First, a reality check: I am not a huge fan of the concept of manifestation, at least not the mainstream sense. And if you’ve ever said a prayer, cast a spell, or visualized your way to fulfillment only to have…absolutely nothing happen, well, this kind of stuff can start to feel pretty empty.

But here’s the thing: You cultivate abundance – whether that’s an abundance of money, love, clients, or happiness – by following the Moon consistently and letting its phases keep you in check.

When we start to pay attention to what the Moon is up to – the phase it’s in as well as the sign it’s in – then we start to shift our thinking. We become more proactive in seeing what energies are available to us, and which actions and intentions they can support, while remaining in control of what needs to be done.

So if you are starting a new business and want to grow your client base within the first six months, you might want to plan your milestones around the Moon phases that can best support career and success.

The Moon can enhance your intuition. Wouldn’t life be so much easier if we could just trust ourselves every step of the way? Of course, it always seems to be that we have to make some major mistakes in order to find out just how intuitive we are.

But as the years go on, you start to realize you don’t have as much room for mistakes. Time is ticking, and you need to trust yourself more than ever before. And developing that trust allows you to take greater risks, to live your purpose, and to speak your truth.

Remember that in astrology, the Moon connects to your soul. When the Moon is in a water sign like Pisces or Scorpio, it can be an ideal time to tap into its energies to help deepen your intuitive connection. 

The Moon can help you feel more connected to the world around you. Have you ever noticed that some days, everyone seems like they’re in a hurry, while other days everyone seems to be in the greatest mood ever?

Often, those patterns can be traced back to the Moon. The Moon is already influencing us, whether we’re aware of it or not. Knowing what it’s up to and how its energies can impact moods, energy levels, and even the types of conversations we might have can help you better understand where everyone else is coming from.

If you are ready to see what working with the Moon can do for you, I invite you to learn with me in Moon Magick.

This self-study program will teach you everything you need to know to begin working with the cycles of the Moon – and creating your own magic in this world. Learn more here.

Until next time,

Liz xo

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