A tarot spread to channel your inner David Bowie

When I turned on the news and heard that David Bowie had died, I did a double-take, positive that I’d heard it wrong.

And then for a split second I thought it must be a hoax. But then I realized the tone of the anchor’s delivery and realized no, it’s true.

David Bowie dead. Long live David Bowie.

It seems impossible because he seemed immortal. I’ve seen many friends mention him online today, comparing him to an alien. Perhaps it was through his constant transformations that he seemed invincible, living many lives in less than 70 years.

If anyone embodied the spirit of the phoenix, it was Bowie, forever rising up with a new persona and then allowing it to fall into the ashes before being born again as something new.


Culturally, we owe so much to David Bowie. When I was documenting the early Toronto punk scene for my first book, I heard time and again just how much he had influenced the lives of the artists that had gone on to form their own revolution through music, fashion, performance, and mindset.

And I can’t help but wonder how different the world might have been if Bowie hadn’t been in it. Would punk have existed as it did, or would it have taken a different form? Would the artists who’ve been so influenced by him – the list is so long that I don’t even want to begin with it – have taken the creative risks that they did?

Bowie spoke to the outsiders. He gave courage to those who felt like they had no status. He spoke to those who suspected that they, too, could be visionaries and showed them that it was possible to walk their own paths, however unusual they may have been.

I do believe that Bowie changed the world in some ways. And I believe that he will continue to be an icon, and his inspiration will live on.

Bowie will live on as a muse.


Bowie’s influence will always be connected to personal transformation, self-expression, and creative courage.

Here is a tarot spread I created to help you channel your own inner-Bowie. Whether you will remember him as Ziggy Stardust, the Thin White Duke, Aladdin Sane, Jareth, or any number of his personas, I hope you find that this spread allows for you to be a phoenix and rise whenever you may need to.

Start with Card #1 in the middle, lay Card #2 over top, and then spread the rest out clockwise.

Card #1 (centre): What kind of transformation am I ready for?
Card #2 (crossing card #1): What part of my persona needs to be put to rest?
Card #3 (above): What part of my personality needs to be brought forward?
Card #4 (top card on the right): What philosophy is it time for me to share with the world?
Card #5 (bottom card on the right): How can I be creatively courageous?
Card #6 (bottom card on the left): How can I realize my creative vision?
Card #7 (top card on the left): How can I innovate through my art?

Bowie Spread

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