DIY: A Tarot spread to welcome gratitude and abundance

Did you know that August 1st is the start of the harvest season? It’s considered a powerful day, ideal for personal rituals that help us observe and connect with the abundance in our lives and show gratitude for the gifts the season has brought us so far.

Where are you at this summer? Is your life in alignment with your needs and your identity? Are you experiencing a scarcity complex, always worrying that there is “never enough” to go around, be that money, love, or opportunity?

What are you thankful for? Where can you give back? These are some of the questions we are asked to examine on August 1st, though the entire month can be used as a time to grow our sense of gratitude, and make way for abundance in the areas we may need to.

Here is a simple spread you might like to try at home as part of a personal ritual this August.

Card 1: What am I welcoming into my life this harvest season?
Card 2: How can I express my gratitude?
Card 3: What step can I take to welcome abundance into my life?
Card 4: How can I share abundance with others?
Card 5: Are there any limiting beliefs I need to be aware of that may be keeping me from feeling I am worthy of all that I deserve?

Abundance Spread
I would love to hear how this spread works for you! Please keep in touch. xo

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