Do your head and heart align? This week’s astrology may push you to embrace your ideals.

Four of Swords Cosmic TarotVenus entered Gemini on Saturday, June 8. The planet of love and desire is in the cerebral, communicative sign of the twins.

Mercury, Gemini’s ruler, is moving through emotional, intuitive Cancer right now.

Your focus or concentration may not always be at their peak this month, but that’s okay. There’s something deeper at work here.

Take time to connect with other people. To get lost in conversation. Brainstorm. Dream. Outline your biggest visions and highest ideals, or dream up a creative answer or project to pave your way out of a rut.

Pull the answers you need straight from your heart, your gut, your soul. Be like the Four of Swords and take a break from the everyday.

Seek out the people in your life who always get you thinking – the people you can talk to for hours without missing a beat. The people who always have a great new idea for you, or who are always onto something new.

Seek out the writers, artists, do-ers, dreamers who inspire you the most. Get lost in their works. Listen to how they speak. Watch how they move – how do they transcend the everyday?

The energies of the week ahead encourage you to transcend the ordinary. To break a rule, or break your routine.

To listen to what your heart is really trying to teach you about why you’re feeling bored, resentful, or mistrusting of certain processes or plans. It not be that any of these things are wrong, but they are just not right for right now.

Pay attention as we near the weekend, too, when Mars and Saturn oppose each other and force you to ask yourself whether your head and heart are truly aligned.

Are you living in a way that is preventing your thoughts from being free to roam?

Is your heart hurting from an old story, perhaps when someone told you that you couldn’t follow a dream, or that you would be “wasting your time” putting your energy into the things that make you feel alive?

Are you being blocked by someone or something that is keeping you from having the time, space, or support to act upon your dearest intentions?

This week offers a chance to move in a different direction. Where will you go next?

Until next time,

Liz xo

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