Drinking the waters of Pisces season to heal and create

Nine of Cups Cosmic TarotWe are a week into the first Mercury retrograde of 2019.

We are also in a fresh lunar cycle. The Moon is a waxing crescent, and it’s building energy. It’s helping us to intuit new ideas, directions, or decisions that we may need.

How is it all going for you so far?

What is being highlighted for you when it comes to your own healing?

What need have you become deprived of?

What do you thirst for?

The water sign of Pisces asks us to heal our spirits through magic, poetry, prayer, purpose, art, and escape. It asks to look at what truths, necessities, and experiences we are hungering for.

It’s so easy to put something off. It’s so easy to tell ourselves that we should focus on the thing that will make us the most money, the safe bet, the secure deal.

Or to do what’s expected of us in order to appease someone else’s dreams, fears, or expectations.

It’s so easy to squeeze ourselves out of our own days, to lose precious time on things that don’t hold much meaning for us.

Pisces reminds us that when we focus on healing our wounds, no matter how deep or old they are, no matter how they got there, we become better for it.

It reminds us that it is never a waste of time to care for the self, whether that care is emotional, spiritual, or physical.

There is no judgement with Pisces. It asks you to stop comparing your pain to the rest of the world. It asks you to stop saying things like, “People have it so much worse than me. I don’t deserve to complain about this.”

It is not about who is suffering more, or what kind of longings are more valid. Who gets to decide those things, anyway? We all have our own paths to walk, our own responsibilities.

Pisces reminds you that no one is walking in your shoes but you. You know what you are craving. You know what you are ready to heal, to love, to have, to hold.

Today’s lunar energies, Monday, March 11, hold a special charge to them. Venus, Neptune, Mars, Saturn, the Sun, Pluto and Jupiter all make aspects to the Moon today, amplifying your desires, dreams, and drive.

The universe is showing you a new way to commit to your life, to soothe the soles of your feet, especially if they have grown tired from the path you are on. To expand and transform through your desires.

The Nine of Cups was the card I pulled for this week, which is perfect for the watery energies we are in right now. This is a card of joy, fulfillment.

Even if Mercury retrograde is causing confusion right now, try to make some time this week to connect with a source of happiness. Something that you know you need, something that you no longer want to put off.

“I intend to take care of myself.”

Until next time,

Liz xo

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