Easing into change, embracing the unknown

King of Cups CosmicEver since Uranus entered Taurus on May 15 (here are the full details on what this means), I have been feeling…different. Uranus was in my sign, Aries, for seven years, and you know what? I liked it there.

Uranus is unpredictable, changeable, and sometimes chaotic. But I love change. I love the fluidity of life. I get excited when I think about what my life might be like in a year or two. I like not knowing what tomorrow may bring.

But when Uranus entered Taurus, I felt it. So, so hard. I was expecting change, but I wasn’t expecting it to feel so personal. I woke up and actually wondering, “Where did my ‘get up go’ go?”

And then I remembered: Uranus is leaving me today.

Some astrological transits hit us harder than others. And not everyone will feel every transit.

How do you know if you’re feeling it at all? Sometimes, we might feel edgy or confused.

It might be hard to concentrate, get out of bed, or wind down. Sometimes, it might seem like our patience is being tested.

For a couple days, or a couple weeks, there may be an influx of people crossing your boundaries, or asking for more than you can give.

These are just some examples of how the universe’s energies may play out for us here.

But the thing to remember with any transit is that we adjust to it. Some transits may come in like a blip on the radar, something you feel for a moment, while others may touch in and out for months, introducing events and emotions that can compel your own growth.

When I saw the King of Cups as this week’s card, I thought of the adjustment period that I have been going through the past few weeks, and that I’m sure others are feeling, too.

The King of Cups is the king of water, and what does water do? It ebbs and flows. Its tides change constantly, reminding us of the uncertainty of our own feelings, but also of their inevitable changes.

One day might be rough, but the next might be a little calmer. We have to try to trust that whatever we are moving through, it will change.

As we are early into the sixth month of the year, and weeks away from the summer solstice here in the northern hemisphere, you might be taking a moment this week to check in with yourself.

I find that June can also bring its own tension as the Sun reaches its peak for the year.

Each month, we talk about the waxing and waning Moon, but the Sun waxes, too, growing day by day from the winter to summer solstice, and then waning throughout the summer and fall.

And so this is a time of high vibrations. Sometimes the buzz in the air as we get closer to the summer solstice can feel frenetic.

The King of Cups reminds you to flow with whatever you are feeling.

Here’s an intention for you to use throughout the week:

“I open to the flow of the universe, trusting in what it stirs within me.”

Until next time,

Liz xo

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