Easing into Gemini season

Six of Swords Starchild 2018I always feel a distinct change when the Sun moves from one sign to the other.

For me, the shifts are most pronounced at the start and end of a transit, whether it’s the Sun, the Moon, or even in a retrograde period.

Gemini time is always interesting. We get launched back up into the air after having some time to ground ourselves with Taurus.

Gemini gets things moving again. Especially when it comes to our communities and social circles.

Here in the northern hemisphere, we are getting closer to the summer season. Many of us are turning our attention outdoors.

Others are getting nostalgic for memories of summers off from school, or for past holidays spent with friends and family.

Often, Gemini season becomes a time where we begin to buzz around more, connecting with friends, making plans to get together.

We want to be out and about under Gemini’s influence because this is the sign that believes two heads are better than one.

Symbolized by the twins, Gemini is always in communication with the Other. It doesn’t like to operate alone.

Of course, that doesn’t always mean that life has to get social right now.

Connectivity under Gemini’s rein can also mean generating new ideas. It’s a prime time for writing, self-promotion, PR efforts, and public speaking and performance, as well as learning, reading, and teaching.

Because Gemini is so intellectual, it sees that information and communication are major ways that we connect to each other.

So if you are craving some time to catch up on that pile of books that is collecting by your nightstand, or you have a great idea for a novel that you want to get started on, Gemini season can be a wonderful time to begin.

I have had some very significant insights and decisions come up for me during Gemini seasons in the past. Especially around how I wanted to prioritize my time and balance out some social relationships.

I remember, a few years ago, making a distinct break from a friend (who happened to be a Gemini) who was stuck on reliving our teenage years every time we got together.

No matter what plans we would come up with, it was never enough for her. She would try to turn a dinner date into an all-night bar crawl. If I said it was time for me to get going, she would try to shame me: “You’ve changed.”

She wanted us to be nineteen again, staying out until four in the morning without a care in the world.

But that kind of lifestyle had been well in the past for me for a long time by then.

And my life had changed a lot. I was writing often, and liked to wake up rested in the morning after a full night’s sleep.

I couldn’t give my friend the kind of experiences she was looking for anymore because that was no longer who I was.

Sometimes, we find ourselves making these distinct choices under Gemini’s influence. There can be an either / or quality to the season because Gemini is always about duality: You can be this, or that. You may not be able to be both, though.

When I saw the Six of Swords, it made a lot sense in this context.

As we come out of gentle Taurus, which encouraged us to simply enjoy where we are at, Gemini puts us back into our busy minds. It gets us thinking, moving, and acting upon our choices.

The Six of Swords is a card of transition, and sometimes it comes with strain. In the Starchild Tarot, there is a place off in the distance we want to get to, but the swords in between can represent the decisions we need to make in order to get there.

Allow yourself time to ease into the energy of Gemini. As I said earlier, these shifts can sometimes be noticeable early on.

The key to working with Gemini energy is to let it move you, but don’t let it overwhelm you by analyzing every detail, or filling up your calendar to capacity.

If it helps, here is a mantra for the week ahead:

I am aware of the dualities that exist within and accept the choices they offer.

Until next time,

Liz xo

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