Eclipse season: Self-preservation vs. productivity

We are in eclipse season, which means change is in the air: This Friday, January 10 brings the Full Moon and lunar eclipse in Cancer at 2:21pm EST.

The Cancer-Capricorn eclipse series began in 2018 and ends later this year, in July. This eclipse series has been highlighting issues around:

Work-life balance

Emotional fulfillment vs. conventional ideas of success

Self-care and self-preservation vs. a productivity-obsessed culture, and

Being your own person, even if it means breaking away from what your family or culture expects of you.

“We’re starving for soul nourishment, yet addicted to efficiency and competence,” astrologer Christina Caudill writes about this eclipse series.

I love the way Christina has framed the energy of these eclipses.

Cancer-Capricorn highlight the ways in which we chase our own tails when it comes to ignoring our own needs so that we can push through for another day, appease that demanding co-worker or client, or “take one for the team.”

There’s always going to be a time and place to pull through and persevere, but our working culture continues to blur lines between your time and work time.

Where does your work day end and where does your life begin?

It’s getting harder and harder to tell sometimes.

And let’s face it: Not all the work we do comes in the form of a day job.

So here’s another way of putting it:

Is your energy being spent on quality, or quantity?

Are the traditions, beliefs and values you are living reflective of what’s truly in your heart, or are you walking someone else’s path right now?   

With this Friday’s lunar eclipse, there’s an opportunity to release and let go of the pressures you put yourself under.

And there’s an opportunity to get on track with your own boundaries when it comes to your own energy and your own needs:

Where do you over-extend yourself?

What do you need more time for in 2020, and what will you have to give up in order to experience the change you’re craving?

Until next time,

Liz xo  

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