Freedom, Rebellion, and the Future: Welcoming the Full Moon in Aquarius

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Wheel of FortuneIt feels like yesterday that we were here talking about the Leo New Moon and already we’ve reached the point of the Full Moon in our current lunar cycle.

It’s coming up on Thursday, August 18, in the sign of Aquarius. This Full Moon will connect back to the New Moon in Aquarius that we saw back in February, which acted like a reset button for early 2016.

Actions, ideas, and directions you were taking earlier this year can start to be coming full circle for you in some way. You might start to notice that you’re getting traction on something, or that a piece of information that’s been missing suddenly becomes clear.

But this Full Moon’s energy is also very present and future-oriented. Aquarius is ruled by Uranus, making it a rebellious, innovative, forward-thinking sign. It’s not necessarily concerned with looking back, because there are far too many ideas to move on and people to meet for Aquarius to waste any time in the past.

Aquarius is a highly creative sign. In the element of Air, it will seek out ideas from far-reaches of your imagination. Social and loving, Aquarius also brings a lot of positive energy to it, though with Uranus as its ruler, it has a highly rebellious streak.

Aquarius loves everything radical, unconventional, and unexpected. It truly marches to the beat of its own drum, and that’s what this Full Moon can reveal for all of us.

Full Moons can bring things out into the open. The Moon is at its brightest, fully illuminating what’s in the shadows, or bringing past ideas and initiatives to life.

If you feel like something has been cramping your style or boxing you in, this could be the Full Moon that causes you to get real about what needs to change. If you find yourself making a drastic, daring move this week, it could be that you are sensitive to this Moon’s energy.

With the Sun still in Leo, we are also opening more to our self-expression, our individual needs, and our creative drive. Pairing this with the energy of this week’s Moon can certainly bring out the inner rebel in all of us, but how that might manifest is up to you.

You can use it proactively to finally extricate yourself from a commitment that cages you in (Full Moons are great times to say goodbye) or to announce a major new artistic project you’ve been keeping under wraps all summer.

You can also simply go out on Thursday night and gaze up at the sky, allowing yourself to quietly meditate on any messages that might come up for you at that time in relation to your sense of freedom and expression.

The Wheel of Fortune showed up for this week’s forecast, enhancing the energy of this week’s Moon by saying, “Life’s what you make it.”

When you rebel against any current confines – whether they are self-imposed ideals or outside expectations, or outdated commitments that no longer make sense for you – you take a risk in leaping towards the unknown. Every severed tie is a freefall into new, open space. You don’t know what will catch you yet, but the Wheel of Fortune reminds you that there is no reward without risk.

Life will always have its ups and downs. Even the best of times can bring a setback once in a while, but you have to trust that you will figure out how to handle it, even if it means learning how to listen to yourself and pay attention to where the signs are leading you.

When we start to see that life consists of unbridled possibility, we begin to choose our paths from a place within our hearts, rather than in our heads.

What are you ready to unleash with this week’s Full Moon?

If it helps, here is a mantra for you to work with throughout the week:

My sense of freedom is my seat of inspiration. I welcome new insights this week that will help me clear the way for a lighter, freer me.

And if you have a tarot deck of your own and want to do a reading to help connect with this Moon’s energy, here is a spread you can try at home:

1. What is this Full Moon going to reveal for me?
2. What can I release to find a deeper sense of freedom?
3. What action can I take to create a stronger connection to my future?
4. Where do I need to take more risks in my life?

Until next time,

Liz xo