From earth to ocean: Working through Venus in Taurus, Mars in Cancer, and the Scorpio Full Moon

Queen of Wands Cosmic TarotThere are some energetic shifts taking place throughout the week.

When we talk about astrological events, it’s easy to assume the worst. So much of our culture in this world is based in fear, including spiritual discussions: “Beware of this, watch out for that.”

So when we note that something is changing in the heavens, it can get some people worrying: “What does it mean? Is it a bad thing? Should I wait to do X, Y, or Z?”

Nothing is ever so black and white when we look at what the universe is up to. Instead, it’s an invitation to look at new themes that may emerge, and to appreciate a subtle change in the air.

Those changes can be noticed in the pace of life. Or within the body as tension mounts, or ease settles in. Or within ideas that emerge, and patterns we notice in conversation or in the news.

Suddenly, it can seem like everyone around you is feeling the same way.

This week, Venus and Mars, both personal planets, will introduce a change in the air.

On Wednesday, May 15, Venus enters Taurus at 5:46am EST, giving us six planets in earth signs now.

The emphasis on all of this earth energy is a pull back to nature and an opportunity to honour the messages and rhythms of the planet we live on.

Later in the day Mars enters Cancer at 11:09pm EST.

Venus has been in fiery Aries since April 20, where she’s been lighting up our creative forces. Venus in Aries pushes us towards our desires for autonomy, independence, and self-actualization. She reminds us not to get lost in other people’s shadows, and not to wholeheartedly compromise our own dreams for the sake of someone else’s agenda.

For some, Venus in Aries can be an uncomfortable transit if they are not attending to their individual needs. It can be a wakeup call to come home to yourself.

Now, Venus is ready to come to herself in Taurus, one of the signs she rules. Here she is at her most powerful, but that doesn’t mean she’s driving us very hard. Aries can be relentless in its pursuits, but Taurus teaches us the value of taking our time.

Venus in Taurus is an invitation to relax a little. To unwind. To get back into the pleasures of the heart and body, to take time with personal passions and hobbies that free the spirit and nourish the soul.

Mars in Cancer slows down the pace of life, too. Mars has been in Gemini since March 31. Mars in Gemini can push us to act on our ideas, but can also cause some to speak too soon, and with sharpened tongues.

It can also fill us with frenetic thoughts, worries, and “what ifs?” that push us to act on impulse, or to act on bad information. Mars isn’t known for patience and it hasn’t helped that Mercury, Gemini’s ruler, was trudging through the murky waters of Pisces earlier this spring.

Some decisions, conversations, and projects may have come out the other side a little sloppier than we’d hoped as the skies weren’t giving our minds the most open roads.

And now, Mars in Cancer means it’s time to switch gears. To ease up on whatever you’ve been pushing yourself to learn, plan, figure out.

Mars isn’t comfortable in Cancer. Here, the warrior planet has to learn how to navigate Cancer’s emotional waters.

It can be a time when we decide to fight for the things we love. To prioritize our emotions in some way, or to take charge of our feelings and ask:

How do I really want to feel when I wake up each day?
What old stories still exist in my waters, and how can I turn the tide to live a new narrative?
What is my intuition driving me towards now?
What parts of my past give me strength today?

I pulled the Queen of Wands for this week’s message, and while she is a fiery queen, she embodies the themes we see emerging through Venus and Mars this week. She encourages you to know yourself, and to step into your capacity to create your own reality by working from the inside out.

On Saturday, May 18, we welcome the Scorpio Full Moon at 5:11pm EST. Full moons are days of illumination, culmination points in chapters we are already living through.

Scorpio full moons can pack a little more intensity than others as the Moon is in deep waters here. Scorpio teaches us to surrender, release, and embrace whatever transformations are calling to us.

This lunation occurs just hours after Venus and Uranus conjunct. This meetup can enhance the energy of the day, bringing creative breakthroughs, but also personal ones. Watch for revelations around outdated commitments, and watch for where you are stubbornly holding on to routines or patterns that are no longer serving you.

This week’s Full Moon has strong capacity to initiate change.

“I am open to my inner guidance.”

And of course, if you want to work with tarot to connect with this Full Moon, here is a spread to try out:

1. What is it time for me to stop doing?
2. What it is time for me to heal?
3. What belief is no longer serving me?
4. What does my intuition want me to hear?

Until next time,

Liz xo

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