Gaining perspective: Don’t let Mercury turn your world upside down

PerspectiveThis week, the Perspective card (also known as the Hanged Man) showed up for our forecast.

Out of all the cards in the tarot, this one is most aligned with the energy of a Mercury retrograde, which is what’s taking place until September 22.

Mercury is a messenger and strategist; for each of us personally, it’s the planet that acts as the voice of in our natal charts.

During its retrograde, Mercury can bring us important flashes of insight and changes in our thinking. Mercury retrogrades have a bit of a reputation because those changes can feel frustrating: You’ve been doing in one direction for a while, thinking everything is great, and then you realize you need to backtrack to fix some mistakes.

It’s a great time to revise plans, edit, or revisit old ideas that have fallen off to the side. Personally, I find Mercury retrogrades to be very helpful and productive. If you’re willing to pay attention, Mercury can show you other options you might need to open up to.

It can bring out ideas you haven’t yet considered. It can breathe life back into a plan or project you thought was hopeless.

I mentioned in last week’s forecast that this Mercury retrograde is going to be a bit different from others in that Mercury was sitting right between Venus and Jupiter, which will bring a lot of luck and fortune to Mercury’s journey this month.

I think with the added message of the Perspective card here, one thing that’s important to remember this week is to practice patience throughout the days to come.

Reconnect with yourself this week. Get back in touch with a part of yourself you’ve neglected. Question any self-imposed expectations that feel too rigid or harsh. Poke at any beliefs of opinions of yourself that feel limiting or even hurtful.

Let Mercury do the work that it needs to. If something isn’t making sense, maybe it’s time to find another way of looking at it, or step away from it altogether for now, trusting that the answers will come in time.

The Moon is waxing this week, starting off in Scorpio but spending much of its time in Sagittarius in the later half of the week. This is also going to help bring in a lot of optimism, energy, positivity, and creativity. Sagittarius likes to expand, moving through the world with an open mind, ready to soak up whatever experiences come next.

If it helps, here’s a mantra to work with throughout the week:

This week, I choose to go with the flow. I let my head and heart expand, remaining open to possibility.

Have a great week!

Until next time,

Liz xo