Get ready for a reset! Welcoming the New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Pisces

Page of WandsThose of you who have been following my weekly forecasts for a while might remember that earlier this year, I talked about some people wishing for a reset button for 2016.

The year got off on a rough start for many of us with Mercury going retrograde in early January. That retrograde felt particularly challenging, and if you’re still feeling like you’re trying to find your footing, then March could help you out. A lot.

Tuesday, March 8 brings a New Moon in Pisces and a solar eclipse in Pisces. Whether you are looking for change or not, it will find you.

Usually, we look to New Moons to help us invite something into our lives, or to initiate a new beginning. With this New Moon, however, I would try to keep new intentions focused on the emotional and spiritual, rather than on anything external or heavily action-oriented.

After all, this is a Pisces Moon, and Pisces rules spirituality and divine connection. It can be a potent time to open up your spirituality, explore a new meditation practice, or learn about something like tarot, astrology, or working with stones and crystals.

Other examples of great things to initiate during a Pisces New Moon could be keeping a dream journal or experimenting creatively (with no attachment to career objectives).

But the reason I wouldn’t get too action-oriented with this New Moon, or too hung up on outcomes and goals, is because of the solar eclipse taking place that day, too.

Eclipses are very much about surrender, and surrender vibes nicely with Pisces’ spiritual energy. So this month can actually be a significant time of change (there is a lunar eclipse in two weeks), but part of the work that will with it is to accept what shows up for you and surrender control.

I really like how Danielle Paige of The Numinous put it as she described this eclipse season: “The March 8th solar eclipse ushers in a new celestial chapter for everyone. Whatever happened the last six months is behind you now and as we draw near a new story is about to unfold.”

The Page of Wands has shown up for this weekly forecast, and that card definitely makes me think of stories, as Danielle mentions in her quote. The Page of Wands represents someone who stands at the beginning of a new path. It is a creative card, but it doesn’t solely connect to creativity in an artistic sense.

Creativity is all about what you are building for yourself. Creativity is in the experiences you create for yourself and others. It’s in the atmospheres you make through the presence you bring.

The Page of Wands is full of inspiration and potential, ready to set out on a new path, but not yet knowing exactly what it will bring. It’s a card that’s ready to write a new chapter, excited by the blank page.

And so we come back to the act of surrender: Show up, greet any situation that comes to you with an open heart, and go from there. The universe will tell you what it’s time to move towards, or move on from.

Eclipses are often described as portals. Their ability to transform is profound. Don’t fight the changes that want to come for you this month. And don’t be surprised if a shift happens that you didn’t even see coming.

Eclipse energy will be felt for days to come, and sometimes shifts are so subtle that you won’t notice immediately. Take note of where you’re at now, and check back again in six months to see what’s changed.

Here is a mantra to help you connect with this week’s energy:

I know that change appears in many forms. I trust that whatever shows up for me is in support of my soul’s purpose.

And if you have a tarot deck at home and would like to do a reading for yourself to gain insights into this week’s New Moon and eclipse, here is a spread I have put together for you to try:

1. What is the universe asking of me now?
2. What is being eclipsed in my life?
3. What step can I take to create a deeper spiritual connection?
4. What growth will this eclipse initiate in my life?
5. What can I do to support this change?
6. What do I need to understand about the lessons that are before me?

And remember, I’m always available to offer guidance and clarity. Want to book a reading with me? You can do that here.

Have a great week!