Getting all fired up with Venus and Mercury in Leo: Your weekly forecast for July 11, 2016

Eight of WandsWhen I asked my cards for a message I could share with you this week, the Eight of Wands was what appeared.

This is a card of fiery, intense energy, the kind that has you feeling ready to take on a dozen tasks at once. It’s the kind of energy that feeds you one idea after the other, regardless of how busy you already are.

I’ve always seen the Eight of Wands as an optimistic card, one that wants to charge ahead. It’s not a reactive or passive card, as it requires action on your part, but it does indicate that the energy and willpower will be there to take that first big step.

It is a powerful card of manifestation that typically appears when there is a valuable window of time in which your creative abilities are at an all-time high.

The caveat is in keeping that creative energy focused long enough so that you don’t end up scattering your ideas in too many places at once, or spreading yourself so thin that you find you’ve over-committed, or run out of energy before anything actually gets finished.

And of course, the tarot always seems to be working in tandem with astrological influences. This week, Venus – the planet of beauty, love and abundance – moves into Leo, followed by Mercury, the planet of ideas and communication.

So in the creative, expressive sign of Leo, Venus and Mercury can become quite the dynamic duo this month. Leo’s presence is larger than life, and can help to activate a lot of ideas, social opportunities, and the need to be seen and heard.

But we also must stay open to the energy and opportunities that can come up right now.

With Venus, we learn how to receive, and this week can also create a push for you to look at where you might be blocking yourself from getting what you want.

What do you always need or want, but are always afraid to ask for? What is it time for you to create for yourself? Where is there a lack in your life that you want to fill?

Where do you feel under-recognized or under-appreciated? Where is your turn to shine?

Both Mercury and Venus can help open the way for new communication if your needs aren’t being met within your relationships, whether they be personal or professional.

Overall, this week can open the way for you to step beyond a barrier, whether it’s real or perceived. Sometimes, we know what we want, but we aren’t actually open enough to receive it. Sometimes, it’s a conscious, ongoing effort to work at this. We have to take the right action to show we’re committed, but we also have to be willing to take any gifts that show up in return for those efforts.

Deciding that you’re actually ready for what you want, and accepting that you are deserving of it can take some effort. Both Mercury and Venus can help with that, especially if it’s time for you to lean on the support of others, or get some good advice from a friend.

Just remember that if you do find yourself caught up in the intensity of the Eight of Wands – wanting to do everything too fast, too soon – to slow down and relax into Venus’ soft, lucky influence, trusting that all will unfold in time.

If it helps, here is a mantra that you can work with throughout the week:

I move forward with an open heart and focused intentions.

Have a great week!

Until next time,

Liz xo