Goodbye Mercury retrograde, hello Libra New Moon

Eight of CrystalsWho needs to breathe out a sigh of relief?

I don’t know about you, but this past week has felt all over the place. Some days felt like they went by in about two hours and I’ve had to constantly remind myself to stay present and focused.

Sometimes when we get too busy and too focused on the details we lose ourselves a little bit in the process. We can so focused on crossing off our to-do lists that we forget to have fun, or to at least embrace whatever the day may bring even if it’s not ideal.

Sometimes we even forget what we’re even trying to accomplish in the grand scheme of things, even if that amnesia is only temporary.

Mercury has been in retrograde for the past three weeks and is getting ready to move forward again. Typically the tension of a retrograde is most intense near the end as there is a push and pull happening within the flow of life.

So if you feel like you need a bit of a break – or even just the chance to let out a sigh of relief – the New Moon in Libra that’s coming up on Monday, October 12 is going to help with that as Mercury starts to pick up forward momentum again.

The symbol of Libra is the scales of justice: this New Moon is like a big reset button to help us all balance out. Last night I read a mantra from online mag The Numinous that I feel is only too fitting to welcome this New Moon:

“The healthier the choices I make, the more radiant I become.”

The word “balance” gets used a lot these days, but what does it really mean? For me, when I think of balance I don’t think so much of compartmentalizing everything into equal or fair amounts of time. I think of editing my life according to what I know I want and need, and it’s an ongoing process.

When I start to feel too stretched, I look at what’s making me feel that way: Have I said to too much? Have I said to something that isn’t as great as I thought it would be? Have I been letting good habits fall to the side?

That’s why it helps to stay clear on what you need and want day to day.

Libra also rules partnerships, so next week marks a time when we can start to fix any imbalances we have with others. But it’s also a time to look inward and ask ourselves where we might be people pleasing too much, or where we could be the ones who are giving more and taking less.

If you find that you are always asking others for something, this would be a great time to reciprocate the support your friends or family have given you.
And if you’re always giving but you really need help, too, now is the time to ask, or at least start to turn your relationships into a two-way street.

Don’t be surprised if you suddenly start to question whether a partnership or collaboration is actually the right thing for you, or if you have a flash of inspiration that makes you realize you can go your own way.

New Moons herald new beginnings, so if you are ready to blaze a new trail then next week can be a great time to start.

Just make sure that if you are re-evaluating how you interact with others, and how you allow yourself to be treated, that you aren’t causing more drama in the fallout process. Be graceful, and don’t feel the need to act in haste. Libra, after all, is also about karma.

To help you get ready for Monday’s reset, I asked my cards for some guidance that I can give to my readers to help you work with this new lunar cycle.

Fittingly, the Eight of Pentacles came up: an even number, and a card that is all about new ventures, projects, and commitments.

It’s also a card that heralds a point of maturity, encouraging you to finally say “yes” to something you have always wanted to do. Perhaps it’s finally time to sign up for that class you’ve been wanting to take, or to learn what it will take to get an online business off the ground.

Or maybe it’s just something as simple as making more time to read or stick to a health or fitness plan that you’ve been meaning to get on track.

Whatever it is, this card asks that you put your nose the grindstone and get to work on accomplishing something that it is going to enhance your growth and knowledge. With the influence of this New Moon in Libra, this is a wonderful message to have come up as it shows that the time is ripe for learning something new and to again bring in that sense of balance that will make it happen.

That might mean saying no to something that’s been taking time away from what you know you really would rather focus on. That might mean asking your loved ones or colleagues for the support you need to work towards a goal. And it might mean getting clear about your ambitions and finally organizing your schedule in a way that will help make them a reality.

Just remember that this next Moon cycle is here to help us all get clearer about the give-and-take we need in our lives, both from ourselves and each other.