Harnessing Aries energy as the Full Moon follows you into the week

nine-of-cupsHow did yesterday’s Full Moon in Aries feel for you? It was a Moon that some folks were nervous about.

Aries is fire energy. It’s a sign that can’t be held back. But that doesn’t mean that its fiery nature is all about anger and impulsivity. It’s also one of the most optimistic, individualistic signs of the zodiac. Aries believes in itself, trusting that no matter what, it will always find its way.

A Full Moon occurs when the Sun and Moon are opposed, which is why Full Moons can be so intense. Think about what’s happening in our skies at those times: The Sun – our source of light and warmth – is facing off against the Moon, a planet of night and shade, a place with a dark side that we can’t even see.

The intensity we experience during Full Moons can sometimes be through other people’s erratic behaviour, or through our own unexpected realizations, because what’s typically hidden becomes illuminated in the push-and-pull of the Sun and Moon.

The things we might not wish to see finally come to light. And so this can be an uncomfortable process for some.

But Full Moons can also be incredibly helpful. They can bring subtle but necessary shifts in attitude, energy, and intention. Learn to work with the Moon and you begin to learn your life’s own cycles.

In Aries, the Moon might have brought up issues around identity, control, personal space, individuality, and leadership. It might have touched a nerve – hopefully in a good way – that might have light some fires for you to start prioritizing yourself.

Plus, there Mars and Pluto were conjunct during this Full Moon, meaning that Aries’ ruler was meeting up with the planet of transformation, giving us all an assertive edge that can lead to some effective tipping points towards personal regeneration – as long as that energy is used with purpose, rather than impulse.

As the influence of this Full Moon will hang over us this week, we look to the Nine of Cups – not a fiery card at all, but one that is soft, hopeful, soothing – but also very, very exciting.

Traditionally, the Nine of Cups is a wish card. It’s a good omen to see in a reading if you’re hoping for something special. Remember what I was saying about optimistic Aries?

Sometimes, when we realize where we’ve lost control, or where we need to step up more and be a boss in our lives, it at first can feel agonizing.

Trust me – I’m in the process of getting a few things in order in my life that I should have fixed years ago. Right now, it’s a bit tiring and frustrating. It’s also not easy to admit that I could have made better decisions – the things we tell ourselves through these processes are sometimes the harshest parts to work through…

And yet, there can be joy in regaining that control. Doesn’t it feel better to take even one step towards a new situation, rather than just letting it wither away?

And imagine how sweet things will feel – how Nine of Cups things will feel – once you realize you’ve cleared a hurdle and now can sit back, relax, and enjoy what comes as a result of your new efforts?

If it helps, here is a mantra for you to work with throughout the week:

I make space for what I know is within my true nature. Everything else is a compromise.

Until next time,

Liz xo

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