How the Moon helps me live a more creative life (and it can help you, too)

Are you looking to weave more magic into your day-to-day life?

You might want to start working with the cycles of the Moon.

Last year, when I finished my manuscript for latest book, I reached out to an editor I wanted to work with to help finalize my project.

We connected on a new moon and agreed to move ahead. A couple months later (or should I say “moons” later) the edits were done and the completed manuscript was back in my hands – just as a lunar cycle was winding down.

That meant there was another new moon just a few days away. I chose that date to submit the manuscript to my publisher. A month after that, by the time the next lunar cycle was starting up, my book was laid out.

Like magic, my project had found a rhythm within the cycles of the moon. Even though it can be nerve-wracking to put your work in the world, I trusted in the timing of things because I could see that my book was supported by the universe.

New moons are times to take new actions, and full moons are times of culmination and completion. By choosing a full moon to release by book, I trusted that it would be making its debut at an auspicious time.

Ever since the launch of that book, I’ve been honoured and amazed that whenever a full moon has come around, something happens: My book gets a new review, a shout-out on Instagram, or is picked up on a podcast.

When you start to notice how your actions, projects, and goals can all naturally synch up to the cycles of the moon, life gets pretty magical.

I have been working with the energies of the Moon since I was a kid. Truthfully, the Moon was my gateway into tarot, astrology, and magic. It taught me such simple ways to work with the natural energies available to us, and to appreciate the power and potential of greater cosmic timing.

I believe in the power of the Moon because I see its influence in my life all the time. And I want to share these practices so that you can experience them, too. My self-study program, Moon Magick, will give you everything you need to begin working with the energies of the Moon.

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Until next time,

Liz xo  

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