How to know when a tarot reading will come true

“When do you see this happening?”

Whether you’re the one sitting down for a tarot reading, or the one reading the cards, you’ve likely had this question cross the table before.

Except it’s common to hear that tarot can’t necessarily give hard and fast predictions regarding when a specific event will unfold.

Why is that?

First, a tarot reading is not a promise or contract: It can be a glimpse at the potential of what’s to come, or what may unfold if you go down a certain path.

But there can be unknown variables that change the course and affect how, when, or if something happens – and those variables might be not be clear or present in a tarot reading.

But does that mean questions about timing have to be taken off the table altogether?

I don’t think so. In fact, I’ve had a lot of success with timing-related questions in tarot.

It all depends on your approach and relationship to time itself.  

Time is always moving forward. What transpires as we move from one moment to the next might not always be predictable.

And the idea that a specific event will magically land in your lap isn’t always accurate: That line of thinking can assumes that all that’s required for you to get what you want is time and patience – which is not often the case. (That would too easy, wouldn’t it?)

Here’s where tarot teaches us to think about timing differently:

When something will happen can be highly dependent on when you take certain actions to lead up to that event.

What do I mean by that?

Sometimes, tarot answers the question of, “When will this happen?” by offering solutions like:

“This will happen when you stop doing X, Y and Z.”

“This will happen when you take a break for a few months to rest.”

“This will happen when you decide to commit to your goal – but right now, you look like you’re only halfway invested.”

“This will happen when you make time in your schedule required to support this goal.”

It’s not always about when, but how, that timing relies upon. For example:

I often answer questions about when someone will find love – and it’s typical for the cards to show that my clients have such busy schedules, they don’t have time to nurture or support a relationship. And so before they can expect love, they need to make room for it first. When becomes dependent on how.

Tarot can be a great teacher in learning how to build different relationships with time so that you can see time in terms of days, months, and seasons, as well as actions, ideas, and commitments.

Because sometimes, you need to make room in your life for something new to enter.

And sometimes you have to send a message to the universe, and to yourself, that you’re really ready to embrace what it is you’re after.

And sometimes you have to declutter, reorganize, or rearrange your lifestyle to let fresh energy flow through – and it’s amazing to see how quickly things start to shift once you take the right actions to get closer to your goals.

So next time you’re wondering, “When will this happen?” Follow up by asking yourself, “How can this happen?”

And see how your thought processes, and your tarot readings, change with that simple alteration of perspective.

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