How to slow down (especially when you’re out of time)

Six of Wands“You must be into yoga, right?”

I’ve lost count how many times people have asked me this.

Maybe it’s all of my talk about the phases of the Moon. Or maybe it’s the quartz crystals I like to wear around my neck. Or having spent half my life eating vegan or vegetarian.

Whatever the reason, people have often assumed that I do yoga, or that I sit around doing the “Om” and “Namaste” thing all day long.

But that could not be further from the truth.

I’ve gone to a grand total of two yoga classes. I’ve followed some videos in my living room a few more times than that. And while yoga is something I see value in, I just don’t feel it’s for me.

My idea of moving meditation is to lift a bunch of weights at the gym, though it’s hardly what you would consider peaceful. Especially on the days when the desk staff are blasting Nirvana.

I’ve always had trouble with anything that requires stillness. It’s just not my pace. I love to go, go, go. I love my to-do lists and I need to feel like I am constantly moving forward. My Sun is in Aries, after all, which means that I am constantly butting my head up against whatever new ground I’ve decided I need to break through.

So like yoga, I suck at sticking to a meditation routine. I know it’s important, but I tend to focus my meditation time on preparing for tarot readings with clients, which ends up channeling my energy more towards others rather than towards myself.

During the times I have managed to stick to a regular meditation practice, though, I have felt a huge difference. Huge. Major obstacles or sources of stress felt so much more manageable. My head was clearer. I wasn’t as inclined to watch the clock or try to rush through the day to get as much done as possible.

I felt…trusting in the fact that all would unfold as it needed to.

But even though my attitude and identity are inclined towards busy-ness doesn’t mean that my mind, body, and heart don’t need something different. Actually, it’s when we’re busy that we need to slow down the most, though I have more trouble with these words than I would like to admit.

But like yoga, I’ve struggled to wrap my head around meditation. I’ve tried a lot of different practices over the years: Guided meditations at Buddhist centres, group meditations at metaphysical stores, visualization exercises I read in books, chakra meditations, and even a meditation series based on tarot.
What I’ve learned is that I’m not good with simply focusing on my breath. That’s when my mind wanders and I get way off course. I’m also not good with anything that feels too dogmatic, or too grounded in a belief system that I haven’t adopted.

The meditations I’ve found I connect with the most are ones that I can do on my own, before bed or first thing in the morning, with a recording that guides me through the process.

I like them long enough to get lost in, but not so long that I need to set my alarm clock a half hour early just to meditate.

Meditation should enhance your life, not induce stress or guilt.

In my search to find something that works for me, I decided to just start writing and recording my own. This has become particularly important this fall as I continue to find ways to let go of some old patterns and reconnect with parts of myself I have forgotten about in the rush of life over the years.

In the process of writing my own meditations, it occurred to me that I’m probably not the only one out there who wants to meditate more often but struggles to find the time, or to figure out where to start.

So today I’m sharing a meditation that I made just for you. This is a brand new meditation that I wrote specifically with my readers in mind. It’s less than eight minutes long, and you can save it to your phone or other device and take it wherever you go, even if you want to try it out during a break at work.

It also invites you to set your own intention each time you use it so that you can continue to work with this meditation however you need to.

I hope this recording brings you a sense of restoration and renewal, and that, together, we can all find some ways to slow down a little bit more and give ourselves the breaks we need and deserve.

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