How to use Leo energy for personal growth

Knight of Swords starchildWell, what do we have here? The Knight of Swords showed up again for this week’s forecast.

We are into the very early days of Leo season, with the Sun just having moved into the fire element on Saturday, July 22. Yesterday, we welcomed the New Moon in Leo.

Seeing the Knight of Swords two weeks in a row tells me that it’s time to direct your energy with purpose and clarity. In tarot, the suit of swords connects to the element of air. Fire and air work well together. Things can happen fast. Things can feel dynamic and exciting.

The Moon is young. It’s waxing, and these next two weeks give us all a window of opportunity to set some intentions that can be supported by the current energies we’re moving through.

I also want to circle back to the fact that Saturn, Neptune, Pluto, and Chiron are all retrograde right now.

These retrogrades are stirring up some deep, important work for a lot of people. Neptune retrograde asks you to face your truth and move past any illusions you’ve maintained for yourself.

Saturn offers a second chance at rebuilding any weak foundations. It can also bring a reality check to plans or dreams that are not quite anchored in reality just yet.

Chiron offers a chance to heal old, deep wounds.

Pluto stirs up secrets and forgotten stories.

All of these influences pushes you towards new, clearer truths.

“Wait,” you might be thinking. “Why is all this deep work, this shadow stuff, coming up during happy, sunny, fun Leo? Don’t these cancel each other out?”

Remember that Leo is bold. In the face of any tough lessons, Leo gifts courage.

Leo is bold, but also generous. It is supportive and positive, but also fierce.

And so whatever you are trying to accept right now, whatever these retrogrades may be stirring up – even if it’s still happening slowly, subtly – know that Leo has your back.

Leo will help you to find your voice through it all and say the words that need to be spoken. It will help you to articulate what’s gone wrong, or what needs to go right.

It will help you to question yourself less and empower yourself more.

Like the Knight of Swords, Leo moves forward with confidence because it trusts in its own abilities and intelligence.

This is the time to check in to see how you are willing to place trust within yourself.

If it helps, here is a mantra for you to work with throughout the week:

I get stronger every day.

Until next time,

Liz xo

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