How to work with this week’s Full Moon in Taurus

Here’s a question to meditate upon this week:

What is your relationship to growth?

Growth can come in many forms. It can be personal growth, such as maturity, better self-care plans, or deeper self-awareness.

It can be professional or financial.

It can be health-related, such as making conscious choices or changes that take you from one state to another.

Whatever growth might mean for you right now, and whatever kind of growth you might be focused on, this week’s Taurus Full Moon highlights themes of growth.

Arriving at 8:34am EST on Tuesday, November 12, this week’s Full Moon connects back to the New Moon in Taurus back on May 4.

Did you set any intentions around that time around stability or security? What were you hoping to solidify around that time? Was anything feeling tenuous, or due for a change?

This week’s Full Moon encourages you to check the strength of your foundation. Like the Emperor card in the tarot, this energy likes to be firm and solid, without any wavering.

That being said, full moons can also highlight necessary changes or cycles that are coming to a natural conclusion.

When you commit to a specific kind of growth, it often comes with some kind of sacrifice or ending, like a lifestyle change, or a commitment that has run its course.

Things might be due for a change at this time, but you can also find signs of progress emerging this week, too. The key is staying clear about what you intend to make happen, and how you want to get there.

If it helps, here is a tarot spread to connect with this week’s Full Moon in Taurus:

1. What is my relationship to growth at this time?
2. What is coming full circle for me during this Full Moon?
3. What has taken root since the spring?
4. What can I do to nurture my path moving forward?
Until next time,

Liz xo

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