I must admit that I am scared. Do you feel the same?

Dark WoodsMaybe it’s because Venus moved into Aries today. Maybe it’s all the news I’ve been reading, all of the conversations I’ve been listening to.

Whatever it is, I feel a push and pull. There’s been an immense, erratic charge rushing through me for the past couple of weeks. I feel like I am on fire these days, but I don’t always know where this new energy is coming from, or what it’s trying to direct me towards.

I’ve been sitting here, trying to write some new blogs about tarot and the Moon, but my head keeps circling back to something I shared on my private Facebook page today:

I must admit that I feel pretty fierce these days. I decided a while back that 2017 would be my year of no bullshit. If I need to assert myself, I will. If I need to take a stand, I will. It’s so freeing.

Plus, I feel like a beast overall these days. I made up a saying for myself years ago – “More wolf than woman” – and I feel it applies more than ever now.

I’m super sensitive and can be easily thrown off on a good day. Given that I have so many creative / intuitive / artistic / magical friends online and off, I know that sometimes it’s hard not to let the current energies become our own emotional realities.

I’m working on not being a sponge for all the shit out there. Instead, I want to harness it and channel it and create strong, fiery things. Put it back out there in a different form – as a reaction, a reflection, an entity – instead of taking it into myself like poison.

This year I want to write from the rawest places possible and say all of the things that have gone unsaid. And sometimes I feel I’ve already said a lot so imagine how much deeper there is to go…

There’s something about this energy that thrills me and scares me, simultaneously. There are some schools of thought within the spiritual world that intuitive workers, healers, priestesses and everyone in between should be careful in what they reveal about themselves – that it’s important to stay mysterious, stay behind the veil, and never let anyone see your shadows.

Well, it’s long been too late for me on that front. I’ve been working as a writer well before I was doing readings. I’ve shared a lot about my life through my creative path, and will continue to do so. I think it’s important for all of us – no matter what shoes we are walking in – to be open, honest, and sincere with each other.

The more the masks can come off, the freer we can all be.

And so I wanted to talk about the fear that I have about what could come from this cusp of creation that I feel I’m standing on now. And I wanted to know: Do you feel the same?

I am excited at what this new energy might bring. But it scares me, too, because I feel like it could be all-consuming and immersive.

Yesterday was Imbolc, the day that marks the halfway point between the Winter Solstice and the Spring Equinox. It welcomes in the embryonic energy of spring, when tiny seeds are being put into the palms of our hands. This is when ideas might come as abstract, obscure breakthroughs – we don’t yet know what will grow us once spring arrives, but there is something in the air that is worth grabbing onto all the same.

So maybe that’s what I’m feeling. Maybe, too, it’s that Venus energy I mentioned earlier this week. In Aries, Venus can become a creative warrior, standing tall in her convictions, unafraid to express something that the mainstream might deem as too ugly or too wild or too real to be seen.

 I don’t have to be “either, or.” I can just be all that I am, was a mantra I shared recently and I am wondering: Do you feel the same?

It can be time to ask:

What have you opened up for yourself? What would you like to get started on?

There is still time, but for me, there is an urgency behind the creative fire I feel growing. It feels unfocused and as unpredictable as a wild horse and I know the only way to work with it will be to truly show up with more strength than I have ever felt before.

Again, I am wondering: Do you feel the same?

And while there is this unfocused creative drive pushing its way into my consciousness, I am still here, still committed, and still sharing things I hope help you on your own journey.

Stay strong. Stay wild.

Until next time,

Liz xo

Photo by Tom Sodoge, via Unsplash

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