I want to give you more. Here’s how I plan on doing that.

Confession: I’m a New Year’s resolution junkie.

Nothing gets me more excited than the idea of having a clean slate. That’s why I pop up in your inbox to talk about new Moon cycles and how we can use them to initiate projects and new beginnings.

That’s why I love to share my tips about how to keep creating, even when it feels like the odds are against you.

And that’s why I’m so devoted to giving clear, compassionate tarot readings that help you take deep dives into your highest potential, the opportunities you can create for yourself, and the challenges and blocks you can overcome.

That’s why I’m upping my game in 2016 to bring you more tools that you can use to feel inspired and empowered.

Here’s some of the hot stuff that you can expect from me in 2016:

  • The launch of Call of the Word, a five-week writing program for aspiring and established authors that helps them understand who they are as writers and what their highest potential can be. This isn’t a cookie-cutter writing course: This is a month-long journey that combines tarot, one-on-one coaching sessions with me, and customized assignments to help writers at all stages start achieving their deepest creative goals.This fall, I worked with a small group on a pilot version of Call of the Word.

    Here’s what one them had to say about the experience:

    Working with Liz was like going to an alternative school with a teacher who was like your best friend and therapist and the one you will always remember for showing you how to make your dreams a reality. Her fresh, unique and highly engaging approach to work, life and learning will put you on the road to success.”
    – Marisa Iacobucci,Children’s Book Author and Freelance Writer/Editor/BloggerWant to know when enrollment opens? Go here to learn more about Call of the Word and get on the mailing list now so you don’t miss out.

  • The release of my first tarot e-book, Going Beyond the Little White Book. This is an inside look at how I interpret the cards. I wanted to write something that would help beginning tarot readers gain deeper insights into the cards and gain confidence in their own understandings of the tarot meanings.A lot of aspiring and emerging readers ask me for tips, and I wanted to make something for tarot readers who are using tarot either for divinatory purposes, or as a tool for self-exploration and empowerment. I do a deep-dive into every card, explaining each one in a way that will help take your tarot readings to a whole new level.
  • More videos! This November, I launched a YouTube channel to offer “Tarot Talk,” a quick place for viewers to connect with me for advice through the tarot. But a friend of mine (who happens to have a background in set design) told me I need to up my game in and get my videos looking a little more stylin’. So expect a revamped version of Tarot Talk in the New Year, as well as more videos altogether. Watch for tarot tutorials, creative pep talks, and more.
  • The launch of my first oracle deck, Unending Spirit. I’ve been quietly designing my own oracle deck for the past six months and I’ll be giving away some sneak peeks of it before the end of 2015, with more to come in 2016. This is a system I’ve created myself to help artists and creatives of all kinds move past creative blocks, gain a deeper understanding of their ideas and projects, and stay attuned to their creative core. The deck’s artwork is a mix of surrealist collage and dreamscapes, giving each card a dual purpose of acting as a creative prompt.

In addition to the awesome stuff I mentioned above, I also have a surprise for you!

To help you get ready for a clean slate on January 1, 2016, I’ve created this guided meditation and its companion worksheet

So find a comfy place to curl up, close your eyes, and get ready to harness your personal power as this meditation helps you manifest your deepest goals and dreams for the year ahead. (Want to download the meditation? Grab it here.)

I wanted to get this in your inbox before the last New Moon of 2015, which is coming up on December 11. You’ll want to have a pen handy, a printed version of the worksheet, and a journal for extra notes or ideas afterwards.

And don’t forget, I’m always here to serve you through a range of tarot readings and creative coaching sessions that are all designed to empower you in finding your light and finding your path.

– 2016 Tarot Forecasts are booking up fast. Want my help in seeing how you can make the most out of the New Year? Book yours today!

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– And if you’ve already decided that 2016 is the year to crush your creative goals, grabbing a few coaching sessions with me is a great way to stay committed.

As always, I’m looking forward to continuing to connect with you every week here through my newsletter.

Thank you so, so much for being here with me. I would love to hear what you’re hoping 2016 will bring. Let me know what you’re working towards or wishing for.

Liz xo