Ideals over action: Welcoming the Full Moon in Pisces

The Moon continues to wax throughout the week, building energy until it reaches fullness in the early hours of Saturday, September 14 at 12:33 am EST.

Full moons always occur in the sign opposite to where the Sun is, so during Virgo season is when we experience the Pisces Full Moon.

Here, we have a face-off between opposing interests: Effective, efficient, down-to-earth Virgo and watery, dreamy, let’s-feel-our-way-through-it Pisces.

Where Virgo can sometimes brush off its emotions, seeing them as inconvenient or ill-timed, Pisces feels so much that it’s not always clear whether it is picking up on an intuitive hit or swimming in excess emotion.

Pisces can get confused, yet Virgo can develop tunnel vision around the things it believes are most important – effectively shutting out other people, perspectives, or possibilities.

And this is the kind of tension that we can each experience with this week’s lunation:

Am I coming, or going?
Am I being too hard on myself, or do I need to push ahead?
Am I operating from a place of truth, or am I betraying my sense of logic?

This Full Moon is conjunct Neptune, amplifying the Piscean ability to confuse or dissolve reality. Pisces can be a slippery energy sometimes, naïve and gullible if it’s not careful, and with Neptune sidling up to this week’s lunation, the odds of your clarity slipping away are higher than usual.

On the other hand, Mars is conjunct the Sun, and making an exact opposition to Neptune. As we are reminded with the Six of Wands, be careful about riding on your high horse this week, as things are not always what they seem and our actions and answers may not be right for all situations.

Mars in Virgo conjunct the Sun wants to find ways to make things better, yet it can go too far too fast, dazzled by its own brilliance and convinced it knows what’s right every time.

That Pisces Full Moon can amp up the compassion factor, but this combination makes way for drama – beware of acts of unnecessary martyrdom, sweeping self-sacrifice, and righteous know-it-alls.

The best way to work through the days ahead are to try to avoid making any major decisions or having heated, heavy conversations this weekend if you can help it. However possible, channel this energy into creative endeavours, self-development, or spiritual pursuits.

Pisces works well when given the chance to activate our imaginations or spiritual centres, and Virgo loves nothing more than a bit of homework.

Here’s a tarot spread that can help you connect to the energies of this weekend’s Pisces Full Moon:

  1. Where do I need to gain more clarity right now?
  2. What can I trust my intuition on?
  3. Where am I being too hard on myself?
  4. Where am I over-extending my compassion?

Until next time,

Liz xo

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