If there’s one thing new tarot readers should know, it’s this:

Do you know what the Number One obstacle is for new tarot readers?

…Distraction. (Also known as INFORMATION OVERLOAD.)

There are so many tarot blogs, books, videos, and other resources to follow.

Before you know it, you have more questions than you know what to do with:
You’re coming across all kinds of different meanings for the same card and none of them seem to apply to your readings…

You’re wondering if you should be trying to read the cards intuitively, or if you need to study all the meanings first…

You’re wondering which techniques you should learn first, and whether you’re even catching on to tarot despite all the information you’re trying to take in…

Here’s what you really need to get started:

Focus, discipline, and simplicity.

Which are the principles of my Tarot Foundations course. I designed this program to take new tarot readers step-by-step through methods and techniques that really work.

How do I know they’re effective? Because these are the exact steps I use when I’m reading tarot for my clients.

And these are the same steps I’ve successfully taught to hundreds of tarot students already.

Tarot Foundations is a container that keeps your attention focused on the most important starting points as a beginner tarot reader.

This course doesn’t skim the surface or jump from one topic to the next without time for reflection.

Instead, each lesson builds upon the last, and we take our time to go deeper into key concepts.

You’re not left to piece it all together by yourself, either:

Mentorship is a really important part of learning tarot, which is why there are 6 Q&A calls included with this course.

They take place between March and June, giving you lots of time for questions, reflection, and integration of the material.

If you’re ready to block out the distractions and do some deep, focused learning, Tarot Foundations is for you.

I hope you’ll join me. Register now.

Liz xo

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