Invoking change with Uranus retrograde

Ten of Wands Cosmic TarotUranus, the planet of evolution and change, went retrograde last night, Sunday, August 11, at 10:27pm.

It will be retrograde until January 10, 2020, in Taurus. This retrograde highlights change, growth, and freedom that have been stirring within you since mid-April.

There’s been a sense of restlessness since the spring, a certain unspecified quality to the flavour of 2019 that’s hard to put a finger on.

You may be feeling drawn towards exploring new things, seeking out teachers or mentors or unexpected learning experiences, but you might not be clear on what it is you’re even looking for yet.

You may be ready to shed your skin and reclaim a part of yourself that hasn’t been properly or adequately expressed.

You may ready to shake off a certain fear, or you may be finally clear on what it is that’s been holding you back all along.

Uranus invokes change, and this retrograde period is one that can bring on supportive, positive, and exciting awakenings when it comes to transformations you’re ready to take on.

The questions and vague notions that have hung over the collective consciousness since the spring can begin to find their answers and we can all begin to see what those restless stirrings have been telling us.

On Thursday, August 15 the Aquarius Full Moon arrives at 8:29 am EST. This Full Moon helps us to see what we are ready to break away from and supports individuation, freedom of thought, and conscious expression.

I pulled the Ten of Wands this week and feel this card is encouraging us to look at the potential of this Full Moon and Uranus retrograde.

The Ten of Wands is ready to lighten its load by putting something down. It teaches us that we can move much more efficiently when we stop insisting on doing everything at once – reading every email, replying to every message, being everything to everyone.

What will you release on this Full Moon?

What will help you feel a little freer, a little more yourself these days?

What will help you feel like you are moving with a little more ease through this world?

If you would like to connect with this week’s Full Moon, here’s a tarot spread to help:

1. What am I awakening to?
2. What am I ready for next?
3. What is blocking my freedom?  
4. What kind new reality can I begin to create?

And if you would like to meet with me online or in-person for added guidance this month, I still have some availability for private astrology or tarot readings in August. Book a reading here.

Until next time,

Liz xo

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